Television Review: Fringe Friday: Letters [Lost in] Transit

“Letters of Transit” was the episode I’ve been holding my breath waiting to appear on my screen all season. Walter is amazing, and he seriously has all the best lines! When I grow up I want to be Walter. The episode begins as no other one has before, with a background story and I wondered if I had clicked to the wrong channel. Then everything got weird even for Fringe and I was amazed. This is what the last two episodes were building up to, and it was worth the build up.

The words scrolling up the screen present an alternative future, one where the Observers stopped observing and began to take over the world. The Fringe team and others fight the take over, but they are unsuccessful. People who survived the war are now termed “Natives” policed by the Fringe division which exists as a token separate group, really controlled by the Observers.

Skip to 2036.

Yes, it is 2o years after a revolt in the future. Wrap your brain around that one. 

A pretty blond girl with great big eyes saves her informant from getting mind wiped by an Observer, she is an agent of Fringe. She also has the ability to fool the Observers so that they can’t read her mind and try to wipe it. Observers and their bald heads and lack of eyebrows roam the City.  Fringe has been moved to the outskirts and anything to do with The City is considered dangerous Observer territory. Agent Etta pulls her informant outside, he opens a van to show her his find. It is Walter encased in amber. Then a sniper takes out her informant and Agent Etta grabs his keys now drenched in his blood and peels off in the van.

OK then. This is not the opening I was expected. Super excited though, but wondering when my favorite characters are going to appear back on the screen?

Agent Etta returns to her home base, (I didn’t quite catch were this is. But I assume it is the new Fringe department)  where she meets up with her mentor (this dude is not gonna last more than an episode, a big name like this actor, gonna die a hero’s deaht) and they whisper in secret about the ambered Walter in the van. Her mentor gets an idea how to get Walter out of the amber after finding it liquefies very quickly. Ambered Walter is holding a device, explaining that he is the one who put them in amber. Walter is released from the amber, but his memory has gone really really wonky. Agent Etta accosts Nina regarding equipment for her division, which is just a ruse and this is really Good Nina. Good Nina tells them how there is a piece of Walter’s brain at the old Massive Dynamics building that they may be able to use to get Walter back to a normal state, well normal for Walter.

I assume, since this is Good Nina that this is Our Universe (O.U.). Kind of curious if the Observers are in the A.U. too. I mean I assume they are. But how are all these different universes and time lines going to play together? Curious-er and Curious-er. 

Mentor and Agent Etta take Walter to the old Massive Dynamics building, along the way they encounter a bad police man who questions them. Walter says, “These aren’t the droids you are looking for.” Walter gets the BEST LINES EVER! And showing that maybe he understands the direness of the situation. Nope, still kooky. 

They shoot some brain neurons into Walter and the Mentor and Agent Etta have a little heart to heart. Agent Etta says she hasn’t seen her parents since she was four. Brain tickle, this has something to do with the original Fringe team. Walter comes to and is quite on top of his game. He even has a secret door access to get them away from the approaching Fringe team lead by a really weird older version of Broyles. His aging make up is BAD. Walter and Agent Etta have a moment, almost like he recognizes her. OMG SHE IS GOING TO BE PETER AND OLIVIA’S CHILD. 

They escape and find the rest of the Fringe team in amber. William Bell is also in amber, hand outstretched. Mentor helps free Astrid, then things get wonky with the equipment because Mentor and Agent Etta’s trackers are on, and people are after them. Mentor helps free the other person in the amber, but they can’t get the fourth person free. Bell is still stuck in the amber. Olivia is nowhere to be found. Astrid and Walter have a little moment, where Astrid goes, Are you going to leave Bell in there? And Walter shushes her. Wonder what that is about. Seems Walter ambered them for a reason, and it is probably Bell’s fault. Mentor dies a heroic death. Totally called that one. Broyles’ team is still after them, so the group that is still alive takes a train to somewhere.

This whole time the point of bringing the original team back was to build a device to stop the Observers. Walter muses that not all the Observers were bad, and explains that September told him “that in the year 2609 AD [the Observers] finally ruled the planet. They poisoned it. The air, the water, and when it was fundamentally uninhabitable they travelled back through time and took our planet from us.” So Walter I guess is going to build the device in the blue print and stop all of this somehow.  On the train Walter and Astrid talk. Astrid says that they needed Bell. Walter replies, “You remember what he did to Olivia. Even you can’t be that compassionate.” He then shows Astrid they have everything they need by opening his bag to reveal that he cut off Bell’s hand in the amber. EW. Walter has really stepped it up in the badassery today. 

Peter thanks Agent Etta for her help while the motley crew escapes on the train, he was the person Mentor sacrificed himself for. Peter stares at Agent Etta. She asks him if he recognizes her. He says he doesn’t see how because she would only have been four when he was ambered. He stops. Thinks about this. Henrietta? He asks. Daddy she cries and gives him a hug. I TOTALLY CALLED THAT ONE!!!!!

This was an amazing episode, and because I avoided spoilers while I hadn’t watched the previous episodes I was completely surprised by where the writers decided to take this show. I’m so happy. This is totally the episode I’ve been waiting for this season. I’m super excited to see what happens tonight! Woot!

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