TARDISes, Cat Trees, and River Song

It’s a Doctor Who day, well posting anyway. Look at all these goodies I have for you!! ::Squee::

TARDIS Cat Tree, OMG. To view more pictures click on the image. [via]

Just FYI, finding the original source on this one was not easy. Oh Tumblr, how I hate you.

I love minimalism posters for movies or tv episodes, so when I came across these Doctor Who minimalism posters for some of my favorite episodes I reached nirvana, for just a millisecond. You can buy prints at here. [via]

The Last Centurian

Yet another rendering of River Song. Can I say that I’m mostly in love with her hair? Because I am. [via]

River Song and a Gun, ooh-rah.

And Matt Smith is a badass. He’s *my* doctor, and he always will be. Check out the artist, Blue-Fox, on deviantArt.  [via]

Because of Doctor Who, I now call it Pandorica Station. I know, I know.


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