Fringe Friday: Brave New World Part 1

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

– T.S. Eliot

Fringe came to a close this way with a large dose or predictability, Walter humor, and a tad of surprises swirled in the mix. The Bad Guys show up, something horrible must happen, Walter makes a hard decision, and Peter weeps. Predictability. Nanites and people going up in smoke. Predictability. Olivia’s sudden expansion of abilities. A tad surprising. All in all the mixture was tasty and fun to consume. Then the end came, the final moments of the season and I went, yah pretty much figured that one out. Isn’t there supposed to be another season? Meh.

Spontaneous human combustion is sending people up in what looks like dry ice smoke. Movement seems to aggravate whatever is causing everyone to die, so dozens of people come to a stand still in the middle of morning commuter walking traffic. Obvioiusly, it is the coffee. Everyone who is dying is drinking from the same type of coffee cup. Walter and crew arrive on the scene and he begins to examine the bodies. There is a coffee cup lying next to a prone woman. OBVIOUSLY IT IS THE COFFEE!  Walter speaks to a woman still standing, in a completely non reassuring tone. When he notices the hands of a woman that have dropped her coffee cup. IT’S THE COFFEE!! Walter walks over to the escalator because he realizes that whatever is causing these people to be ill has to do with the escalator handrail which left smudges on the woman’s hands. Oh, so not the coffee. (This is the first of more than a few miss calls this evening, just to be honest.)

The nanites are being kept alive under the escalator, sent up on the handrail, and spread to everyone who touches it. The woman Walter spoke with before volunteers to be taken to his lab and experimented on so he can develop and antidote. Which, being Walter, he does. Also being Walter he discovers a problem, the signature of the person who created the nanites is none other than William Bell.


While Walter is about to administer the antidote, Jessica (the woman) is about to overheat and go up in smoke (yes, I’m going to keep saying this) when Olivia calms her down by grabbing her hand and sending waves of telekinetic calm to her. It is the beginning of Olivia’s new powers rising. Jessica spends her time weeping about her child that she needs to care for. Something is off about this woman, I bet she doesn’t even have a little girl. Olivia and Peter are most concerned that Jones seems to be behind this, but they just don’t understand why. Walter is like, Dudes its Bell. But they don’t believe him. Queue Bell entering the scene.

Jones walks into a room, and lo, what do my wondering eyes see? Who should appear? But a great tall man looking like Bellie, I fear. Bell talks about chess and sacrificing the best piece to win, and Jones catching his drift goes to kill Peter.

Even though Olivia and Peter don’t believe him, and Nina is convinced it is just Jones using Bell’s research and looking like Bell’s signature, Walter is determined to prove that Bell is alive. This is SOOOO not going to turn out well. Though there is a slight discrepancy in when Bellie died, Walter thinks it was New Years Eve because that was the last time Walter saw the man, but Nina says, no Bell died at Christmas, she saw the body. Bad Nina???? WTF Though they don’t believe him, Peter and Olivia take Walter back to the mental hospital where they look at the logs, no visit by Bell. Olivia suggests Walter hallucinated Bell. Still Walter is suspicious about the log books so he takes them to analyze at his lab.

Olivia is greatly affected by Jessica’s story earlier, and tells Peter she doesn’t want to have kids. This after a whole nursery in the new house discussion in the morning. Color me bored, we know they have a baby girl together. A bright light fills the sky. No, it is not angels announcing a birth. Though that would be in keeping with the ultra religious themes lately. Noah’s Ark, Christ’s Birth, same difference. Somehow Jones has worked it that the sun shines through in a beam even though it is night out, Walter has an explanation, frankly I didn’t pay attention. Broyles is near the light and goes to investigate. Realizing that this falseish sun might hit an oil reserve, Broyles evacuates Boston. I have a friend who lives in Boston, she is a reporter, there would have been no evacuating her. Which makes me wonder, where are all the news crews?

Peter and Olivia arrive and get split up. Because there are two gadgets that need to be turned off AT THE SAME TIME OF COURSE!!! This is a bad idea, obviously, but it can’t be helped. Walter, meanwhile uses cortexiphan to morph something back together, which also helps him discover that it probably was Bell who touched the logbook. So he gets Astrid to give him a ride to find out the nut oil importer of the snack that Bell used to eat which transferred to the logbook.

Olivia and Peter get attacked. Mostly Peter gets attacked. Olivia looses her gun. Stands there for a long moment looking at the BAMFs and instead of taking the guns away from them, uses her telekinesis. For some odd reason, Peter, instead of being a BAMF himself, like previous beat-um-up scenes falls under the might fist of Jones until Olivia surges through Peter’s body and forces his fist to hit back. This is the worst piece of writing this show has ever scene. It is so unlike these two characters as to be laughable. Peter would have kicked Jones ass, and even if he couldn’t Olivia would have taken the gun off of one of the security guards, she is FBI trained after all!, and shot Jones clean. GAH.  W.T.F. Jones falls against an electric fence and dies while moaning, OMG I just figured it out, I’m like the sacrifice and all. Golly Gee! Ok, I maybe paraphrased that a bit. But doesn’t it make you laugh to think of Jared Harris talking like a valley girl?

 Walter investigates the nut oil dude, only to find himself in a shoot out. They have stumbled upon Bell’s lair. Astrid gets shot.

The end. Of Part 1 anyway. Honestly. I almost think they should have ended the season here. But no, they had to do a wrap up. They wrapped too much up and I got even more bored. I really wonder where they think they are headed next season.. But more on that later. 


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