Movie Review: The Avengers

So, I finally went and saw The Avengers last weekend, and it was glorious. Mostly because it was really humid and hot out and spending two and half hours in air conditioning watching Robert Downey Jr. looking sexy was the best possible way to spend a Sunday afternoon. But I kid. Mostly.

Over the past few years Marvel has been working the comicbook movie craze with a delicious set of action movies full of beautiful men. The time has come for all these men to make a movie together, just as all these heroes came together in the comic books. Honestly, that is the sum total of the plot line. Something drives the Avengers to come together, setting aside petty differences and huge egos, so they can save the world. The end.

Plot line cliche aside, the action movie was quite a fun ride. A lot of beautiful men fighting? Count me in. The action sequences were nicely done, swooping from one character to the next, showing brilliance in direction, cinematography, and pacing. But I would expect nothing less from Joss Whedon, director and co-writer of The Avengers. As my best friend Sara, pointed out, Whedon does a really good job with a large cast ensembles. Buffy petered at the end it is true, but Firefly was done amazingly, and Whedon brought this sense of care for characters to each The Avengers. It could have easily been done in such a way that a major character didn’t have as much screen time and then there would be in-fighting with the comic fan crowd. But what Whedon did, was not only give each character enough screen time, he gave them enough drama time. Which is not the same thing in an action movie. Each actor was given the ability to show his acting chomps, even some of the more minor characters such as Black Widow and Hawkeye. I’m a HUGE Jeremy Renner fan and when I saw his character on House, I knew he was going to peak into Hollywood soon thereafter. A year later he made it big with Hurt Locker. I’m a scary judge of ability. Someone needs to hire me for that. Anyone? Bueller?

And Loki, he was brilliant. Sara asked me if I thought he was this good in Thor. I pointed out Whedon’s ability to make people better actors, and I really think that Tom Hiddleston brought more to the table in The Avengers because of Whedon’s direction. The dialogue was witty and entertaining. I liked the use of The Hulk as comedic relief. Though, it seems there was a missing scene showing how The Hulk gained some ability to control his special powers instead of the abrupt switcheroo that happened. But I’ve been told by an expert (by which I mean my best friend), that is just how The Hulk has always been written. It is however, my main contention with the movie. Give me an explanation, even a bad one, but I need an explanation for sudden change in a character.

My other bone to pick was who they used as catalyst to bring the Avengers together. Not my favorite move, though I understand why they did it. (I still don’t have to like it.) And that is all I’m going to say, because I want to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Also, I think Whedon has a bare foot fetish. Honestly. There was an whole episode devoted to Summer Glau’s feet in Firefly, and here both Potts and Black Widow are barefoot in the movie. I understand and applaud the reason for Black Widdow, ain’t no real fighting happening in heels. (Side note, female fighting being Whedon’s forte, Black Widow’s fight scenes were excellent!) But would Potts really be walking around in cut off jeans and no shoes? IN A CONSTRUCTION SITE!!!!! No, no she would not. My understanding of Potts is her practicality and ability to be a part of any social situation seamlessly. You do NOT walk around BAREFOOT on a construction site. Period. So yes, foot fetish.

I’m glad I went and saw this on the big screen. The fight scenes were epic, the monster otherworldly, and the cast just oh so pretty that viewing it larger than life was a real treat. Even if I was really buzzed from mimosas and getting a headache from the overly loud fight scenes. It was a fun action movie with great pacing and good acting. And Robert Downey Jr. I may have to own this one.

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