Nodds & Nends: Birthday Fairies, Contest, and Angry Birds Birthday

A little girl felt sorry for all the kids who didn’t get birthday parties because their families were too poor, so she created Birthday Fairies. Totally awesome.

Enter to win an ARC of Big Sky Country by Linda Lael Miller at Read in a Single Sitting.

Looking for a great theme for your next birthday? Why not do an Angry Birds themed one? Make these awesome masks (and then send me one ;))!

Read about Wonder Woman’s secret exposition on American culture. What does she tell us about our lives?

Book reading has actually increased over the years, in spite of American idealism of the 50s. [via RIASS]

Did you know there are people who don’t like puppies, chocolate, or bacon? (Personally I can leave or take bacon, its ok). That means that there are some people who wont like the creative things you put out into the universe either. Beth Revis talks about How to Respond to Negative Reviews of your written work. [via @readinasitting]

Make some awesome tissue box monsters and spruce up your living room with fun odds and ends!

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