5 Super Cute Superheroes

1. Have you ever seen anything cuter than these superhero tutus? Honestly, I think I may need one of these or die miserable. [via]

2. Don’t you just want to eat these adorable kiddified Avengers up? The Avengers have been both kiddified and cutified (those are words, I promise. Damn you spell check why must you underline in red EVERYTHING I write !!!!)!!! [via]

Squeeze all the cuties!
The Avengers by dongom.deviantart.com

3. I am Captain America by Victor Hugo is a brilliant bit of commentary on Captain America’s universal appeal to everyone who hates bulllying, the illustration is inspired by Skottie Young’s artwork. I just love Victor Hugo (the Artist)!

4. This little kid playing Wolverine is super cute! Look at his claws from branches, adorable! Mom, this one is for you. 😀 You can buy a print on the artist’s deviantArt page. [via]

5. Honestly, I can’t get over these Superhero kids by Andy Fairhurst. I just love this Captain Kid. Also, you should check out the rest of his gallery on DeviantArt, it is to die for. I Sort of like the tutus. MUST HAVE TUTUS AND SUPERHERO KDIS!!!!


13 thoughts on “5 Super Cute Superheroes

  1. Love the cutified (yeah, it’s a word!) Avengers. Too adorable. And those tutus are AWESOME!! I would totally try and put my niece in one. I think my brother would approve. 🙂


  2. This reminds me of how as kids, we all considered ourselves Superheroes at one time or another. To let our imaginations run wild and in the process discovery our own inner strength. Gotta love comics!.

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