Bookcases You Gotta See to Believe

Or, you know drool over.

I love bookcases. Some day when I’m not carting boxes of books from one apartment to the next I’m going to have an actual library in my house.  A room to just house my books. You know, that day I become a famous writer, actor, or make it in my chosen career field, lawyer. Something. Maybe I should sign up for the next The Bachelor. Hey, no judgie, free vacation everyone! Woot.

Where was I?

Right. Bookcases. I’d say, enjoy the book porn, but I really hate everyone saying everything is porn. So, just enjoy these gorgeous pictures of books upon books upon books. 😀

This swinging contraption to read all those books looks really cool, if I wasn’t afraid of heights. [via]

Another staircase turned into a book case. I do like that space already planned for is used to create bigger and better bookcases. The efficiency! The wonder! Gah!

This ceiling of books looks like a dream come true. I just need a spider monkey to climb up there and retrieve my books for me, because again, heights. But owning a spider monkey is no big thing. Right? [via]

But my personal favorite which I saw on @Readinasitting, bookcase leading to a hidden room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE secret rooms, passageways, and staircases. This is like the coolest thing ever!

Look at this drawing for some really awesome Chippendale bookcases. I want!

published in the US before 1923 and public domain in the US

published in the US before 1923 and public domain in the US

13 thoughts on “Bookcases You Gotta See to Believe

  1. Some ingenious uses of space to house books there, though I think any secret bookcase room ought to be filled with mist, some cobwebs and candelabras to really set the mood for people reading gothic fiction. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Aidan. I agree, that would be a perfect setting for people reading gothic fiction. Personally, I imagine a quiet sunlit room staring out large windows into a secret garden from a secret room. But I largely read paranormal cozy mysteries (is that a genre?), so cozy corners on couches are my thing. 😀

  2. Ever since Adam West’s and Michael Keaton’s Batman, I’ve wanted a study which had a hidden door behind a book case. Today, I still want one that will lead me to the ultimate MAN CAVE! Lol! No pun intended…

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