Doctor Who and Saturday Afternoon Television Mash-ups

Scooby-Doo and Doctor Who mash-up show it may have been aliens after all. [via]

Ok, so maybe no one other than my mother watches CSI:Miami on Saturday afternoons, but this is just too awesome to keep to myself any longer. [via]

Original sources not to be found

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11 thoughts on “Doctor Who and Saturday Afternoon Television Mash-ups

      • Lol, “Jackpot”, and “No Guts. No Glory.” Are just cheesy… Lol. I used to watch that show, but then I kinda lost touch with it. Wasn’t it reaching its final episode at one point?

      • It was supposed to have ended with season five, and really that is quite a brilliant season. However, they got the green light to go one more season, and then another. Season 6 was ok, and this last season was even better. It has its bad days and good days. That clip, was a definite good day.

      • It’s funny how that show started off as them solving established Urban Legends and then turning into a more “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” kind of show minus the Vampires.

      • Yeah, it was more like each week they researched and resolved a different Urban Legend. There was a little plot line that talked about what happened to them when they were little, but it didn’t get further explained till much later.

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