Nodds & Nends: Doctor Who Mythology, eBooks vs Print, Thoughts from Paris

I’ve stumbled across some new blogs and bloggers recently, and while the following posts don’t really have a common denominator other than that they are interesting posts by bloggers, I thought I’d share my awesome finds. Because I’m nice like that.

You can thank me later.

Read one guy’s view of being a part of the Doctor Who mythology when he had a small part to play on the show and even did a voice over. Dr Who, Timelash, and the Bandril Ambassadorby Martin Johnson. [Editor’s Note: I’m nearly physically incapable of writing D—-r Who. It’s like when people write my name with an “e” it just looks wrong.] Martin Johnson found me on Twitter, you can follow him there @johnson_mjj.

Read an interesting article about ebooks vs print and other tips and tricks on writing by Cristian Mihai. Blurb from his article:

Indeed, I have to admit that I prefer paper books. I like the touch, the feel, the smell, I like to stay away from a shiny screen for a couple of hours, but in the end, all that matters is the fact that people are reading.

Want a good laugh? Head over to Thoughts From Paris. After yet another twelve hour day working two jobs, coming home and eating dinner at 9:30 p.m., before getting on the Internet to set up posts for today, I sat down and read a couple of his posts. I literally laughed out loud. Best part of my day by far.

Now, I’m easily amused, but still, this guy is funny. Check out his post on a vampire asking to advertise on his website. My other favorite post  of his is, I Fell in Love With a Girl Who Waited… kidding.

Check out: I Fell in Love With a Girl Who Had ALready Seen Me Naked and Then Rejected Me. Which is funnier, but less cool than if he had met Karen Gillian. Unless he was naked again, because I’m not sure what Karen’s stance on naked guys would be. Probably the same as mine and the standard response in any law school class (and yes I used it a time or two), “It depends.”

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