Recent Twitter Giveaways

I’ve birthed a Twitter Feed Baby. Join the madness and follow me!

That’s right, I’ve joined the ranks of those who tweet. You can follow me @JamiZehr or click on the Twitter button to  your right. What do I most enjoy about Twitter? All these tweets and retweets about giveaways. So after following me, check these out! (All of these giveaways are hosted by rafflecopter and each blog requires different entries to earn points to enter the giveaway. So read them carefully).

Read Now Sleep Later is doing a giveaway of Silence by Michelle Sagara.

The Young Adult Connection is doing a giveaway of three YA novels and some swag.

Looking for some new books to read of the supernatural and mythological sort? Check out this giveaway by Dark Faerie Tales.

Live to Read is doing a giveaway after going to the BEA, it is a comment giveaway with five different winners and there are a couple of international giveaways. So check it out.

Chocolate Chunky Monkey is doing a blogoversary giveaway from the Book Depository and is open to international followers.

So follow me on twitter and get my tweets and retweets about giveaways, I push out my Pinterest pins to twitter, and occasionally I write something funny.  And, yes, blogging about some of these earns me points. Deal with it.

Also, I just realized yesterday that some of my notifications were going unread. I still don’t know how this is happening, it sorta is like WordPress is hiding them from me and I have to double check my unread notifications tab. Which I didn’t know I had until yesterday. So, if you’ve made a comment a while ago and I didn’t respond, that is why. I’m going back through and taking care of things as I find them. I don’t promise to be any more savvy on Twitter, but you can watch me fumble around the internets some more. Sure to make you giggle.


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