Danielle Steel Interview on The View

So, yesterday I mentioned an interview I saw of Danielle Steel, I couldn’t quite remember where, but today I found it. I remembered that I had seen her on The View when I connected her interview back to Lady Gaga who was on the same episode. I was watching the show for Lady Gaga just so happened to see Danielle Steel too. I don’t really go looking for Steel interviews. The whole bit is posted below.

After rewatching the clip below I realized that I had mis-remembered. My brain does that occasionally. Ms. Steel does indeed read, when she is not working. As she is working most of the time my brain connected dots wrongly and I thought, ‘Then she like, never reads.’ This thought and not Ms. Steel’s actual words were stuck in my brain. This happens way more than occasionally. Almost and never being two different things, I decided confess my mis-remembering.

She actually says at 1:39,

“I like sort of fun novels. But I never read anything when I’m working. Which is almost all the time. In the summer I take a break. But if, I’m afraid if I read something, I could steal something. I’m very careful.”

Personally I can’t imagine not reading for nine months. But I’m a nerd like that. 🙂 And I don’t write 5 books at a time (that did stick in my head correctly).


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