Booking it Across the Internets

I read some really great reviews throughout the week and I obviously can’t post to all of them because, then my postings would basically just be reblogging. But a couple new bloggers I follow I wanted to let you all know about so you could join in reading their reviews if you are so inclined.

A Book and A Latte is a huge audio book lover and she has a great review about Paper Towns by John Green up on her website. John Green keeps popping up on my radar, I really need to read something of his. I ordered Paper Towns from the library, but it disappeared from my queue, I should probably get on that.

Book Chick City talks about Saraphina by Rachel Hartman, a much anticipated book about humans and dragons and magic, oh my! Mom, this really sounds like something you would like. 😀 I’m sure there is already a long queue for it at my library, so I may wait for the fever to die down a bit before requesting it.

One of my favorite book bloggers tweeted a link to this parking garage in Kansas that looks like book spines the other day, and now I want to go to Kansas, even though I know there is probably little else there to hold my interest.

This book sculpture in honor of , is just really cool.

By Lienhard Schulz (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

By Lienhard Schulz (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons


10 thoughts on “Booking it Across the Internets

    • Thanks. And if I ever get around to reading him, I’ll be sure to let you know what I think.

      (I know, right? 😀 But also my widget isn’t working so well, I’ve added like three books and it hasn’t changed. I might actually have to knock on wordpress’s door and see what is up. But I do have an eclectic taste in books that is for sure.)

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