Star Wars, E.T., Lego, and More

If you haven’t seen this Star Wars Art tumblr, you should check it out. It has some pretty cool art on it. And if you haven’t started following my Star Wars I Love You, I Know Board on Pinterest, you are missing out! I pull a couple of really good pins onto the blog every so often, but I find a lot more that I just throw up onto my board. They also get pushed out to my Twitter account, you can follow me there also (which is where I found the Star wars Art tumblr).

This Lego Stormtrooper cake is such a huge mash-up of awesomeness. I don’t even know what to geek out about first! All of it at once! I WANT CAKE NOW!!!! I WANT A LEGO STORMTROOPER CAKE NOW!!! Check out the Lego Mini Fig for size, sweet! [via]

What could be better than a Stormtrooper Lego Cake? Maybe this awesome Yoda and E.T. mash-up street art. How cute!! (Please read high girly squeel here.) [via]


9 thoughts on “Star Wars, E.T., Lego, and More

  1. LOL They’re both brilliant… you wouldn’t want to eat the cake… wellll… I’m pretty sure it would be seriously delish and we could derive some morbid ecstacy by slicing open his head but – sorry, too gory? 😀

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