Warehouse 13 Fan Art

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 1 (A New Hope) will be airing July 23, 2012, a little over a week away, and I am super excited!!! I LOVE Warehouse 13. I’ve been rewatching old episodes on Netflix to get back into the Pete and Myka groove. I really wish they would put season 3 up on Netflix before season 4 gets here, but oh well. In the mean time enjoy some fan art! (Click on the image to be taken to the original source.)

H.G. Wells (whatever happened to that spin off?)

WoW (World of Warehouse 13)



I couldn’t find any really good fan art of Pete, and by really good, I mean the kind I enjoy. But this fan pic is awesome, mostly because the fan is wearing a gorgeous pink corset. FTW!


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