TARDIS Takes Over the World

Yesterday was my improv class at Second City, which has been completely amazing so far. Basically all we do is play a bunch of games and it has made me realize that my siblings and I basically grew up together as an improv troupe. But there was a definitely highlight yesterday when we improvised a scene of ad execs deciding how to market a microwave using the technique of “Yes, and.” Why was this so exciting? Because we were marketing a TARDIS MICROWAVE!!!! And I wasn’t even the person who came up with the idea. But there were definitely four Doctor Who nerds in my small group and the other two went with the flow. It was awesome.

For once the internets has failed me, and no one else has come up with a microwave TARDIS.

But the internets did show me that some awesome people made up a TARDIS birthday cubicle. How awesome is that?!

I wonder if they also made a TARDIS cake like this one.  Like I said, the TARDIS is taking over the world. And it is glorious.


7 thoughts on “TARDIS Takes Over the World

  1. I used to drive past a police station that still has one of these police boxes outside. Couldn’t help but get exited because I never saw it as an old Police box, but as the TARDIS.

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