Weeping Angels are Scary, Matt Smith Agrees

But he is totally gonna kick their butts. Watch this super sweet Q & A session with Karen, Arthur, and Matt where one little girls asks if Matt is afraid of the Weeping Angels. SOOOO CUTE!! (Her questions is at 6:34)


10 thoughts on “Weeping Angels are Scary, Matt Smith Agrees

  1. Weeping Angels are pretty cool… but all you have to do is keep at least one eye open and you’re golden…

    BTW, I used to like Tennant best… but yes, having seen all of season 5 and 6 plus the Christmas specials, Matt Smith is my favourite… sorry David… it was a close call…

      • I got hated on tonight because I said that if I could be any character, I would be the 11th doctor… at first people thought i meant Tennant, and then I said no, Smith… and they stared at me, aghast…

        It’s like arguing over who’s the best Bond. No one ever says Timothy Dalton… likewise, no one ever says Paul McGann for the doctor either LOL

      • Well you know, people are strange when you’re a stranger. And faces look ugly when you’re alone. Even women seem wicked when you’re unwanted and streets are uneven when you’re down.


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