Nodds & Nends: Red Riding Hood Retellings, Shadazzle, and Zombie Portraits

Some more nerdy odds and ends for you, my peeps.

Check out RIASS’ Red Riding Hood retellings book suggestions. Some of these look a little too fabulous to words. If I wasn’t at my max with the library holds I would be picking up a few of these myself. But I’m making a conscientious effort to get through a significant portion of my tbr pile before adding to it.

I received an email from the creator of the webseries Shadazzle.  He writes, “Just wanted to suggest my webseries for review on your website! Not sure if it counts as particularly nerdy, it’s a comedy-drama… But I’m a total nerd and I made it, so, y’know 🙂 ” Of course I had to check it out, and it is a quirky little (otherwise known as a quirkly- yes, I just accidentally wrote that instead) comedy drama about a couple who hires a maid to help with all the house cleaning as they make wedding preparations and sit on the couch reading magazines. While slightly amaturish and college production value, the characters are funny and it is always great to help out the nerds by checking out their productions. 😀

But the best find on the internets this week? ZOMBIE PORTRAITS!!! You can send this artist your picture and he will create a zombie portrait from it, and they are awesome.  (via Book Chick City)

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