Steampunk Station

You are now entering Steampunk Station, the stop where everything is steampunk, widgets, and gears. Please take notice that I found some really cool stuff. Next stop, Freedom Weekend, where you can enjoy many hours of “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” or check out the “I’m going to lie on my couch all weekend watching reruns of Xena” amenities. Please keep your personal items off the seats so that other passengers can sit their butts down.

Steampunk Widgets (i.e. sculptures) from Brotron: The Art of Greg Brotherton. The amazing movement inherent in these sculptures makes them stand out as incredible art.

Upcycled newspaper art with clockwork kitty. You can buy a copy of the print for 8 dollars on Etsy.

Tired of cats? Check out this clockwork hooty owl necklace. It is super cool and super gadget-y.

Also check out this octopus Tie clip  and these cuff links are available for the mens. So don’t come crying to me that I forgot y’all. Plus, your tears my mess up my gears and that is unacceptable. I never claimed to be the world’s best internet girlfriend (you know, like a work wife, but on the internet, and it’s more casual), but I’m trying. So, no crying. 

These dictionary necklaces which are way cool, and if you want me to level up to a more committed Internet Wife, you may want to send me some baubbles like the one below. 😉 [via]


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