Yesterday’s Shipping on Amazon

This video is hilarious. With Amazon’s speedy delivery, some people are wondering if people will get the item they ordered today, delivered yesterday. But what would that mean, other than having things you didn’t know you wanted? Check out this video to find out. [via RIASS]


Tuesday Morning Turnabout

By New York Zoological Society (Picture on Early Office Museum), via Wikimedia Commons

So, yesterday on the internets I stumbled across this extremely informative posting about how using pictures on a blog (even with linking back to original sources and attributing the creator) is not considered fair use of the image, even if you don’t make any money from the blog. There will be changes to Absurdly Nerdly in the coming days in reaction to this posting and in response to how crazy hectic my life has gotten. I wont go into details, as I’ve hinted on it here and there, but I work approximately 60 hours a week. I do this in the summer because I can mentally handle it, but recently I’ve reached the limit of my emotional reserve (to the detriment of my real life friends) and I’m cutting back where I can.

I love this blog so much, and on line among my nerdy blogging friends and family is where I feel the happiest, so it is hard to cut back on what makes me feel alive. However, the bills need to be paid and my responsibilities need to be met and not shirked. Moreover, they need to be met with some sort of contented calm if not over joy. Like most people, change in my life is met by resistance, especially that not of my choosing, and there has been a lot of that this summer. I honestly try not to think about it too much, and continue to relearn what I learned in law school. If there is something you have to do, have no feelings about it. Take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute if necessary.

My life has gotten so hectic I no longer have any nerdy fun links in my queue, and I honestly can’t remember the last time that happened when I wasn’t trying to scramble around for future posts because of some emergency or vacation. I’ll still be here, throwing up my nerdy links of the day, but it will be in a truncated fashion. Except for rants and raves like this one, which has definitely gone on longer than it should have.

I just stared at the ceiling fan for five minutes because I don’t know how to end this post. And now I have light spots whenever I blink, which is making me blink more. This is a vicious cycle.