Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: A New Hope

Warehouse 13 is back for its fourth season and was the season opening a doozy of an episode! Last season ended with Sykes having employed a bomb that destroyed the Warehouse, killed H.G. Wells and Mrs. Fredric, leaving Artie, Pete, and Myka standing in the middle of the ruins with Artie holding the watch that MacPherson gave him some time before. Take THAT run on informative sentences! Even though this episode went the direction I figured it would go, I quite enjoyed the season opener. I liked all of Pete’s quips, the artifacts employed were really cool, and the team brought emotion to what could have just been a boring treasure hunt. How any treasure hunt is boring, I’m not sure, but it’s happened. A great start to the season and I’m hoping the rest of the season are as good as this episode is.

As Myka, Pete, and Artie stand there in the middle of devastation they peer around them with tears in their eyes. Everyone feeling utter hopelessness, when Artie realizes that not only is the Warehouse destroyed but the container keeping Pandora’s Box safe was destroyed also. Myka mutters, “And on the bottom of Pandora’s Box, all that remained was hope,” explaining that because hope was not contained any longer in the box, hopelessness and chaos now ruled the world. Artie turns on the TV and news reporters are talking about a collapsed economy and riots in major cities.

The gang figures that Artie must have a plan, because he always has a plan, but especially because he has that oh so famous watch. Only Artie isn’t sure what it does. They all begin to examine the watch closely and realize it has an inscription on it that when Myka-translated reads, Push the button. Artie pushes at the watch and it reconfigured into a stop watch counting down from the moment the warehouse imploded. They presuppose it means there must be a way to go back in time 24 hours and stop the Warehouse from being destroyed, if only they can follow the clues. The first clue are black diamonds in association with a Templar brotherhood in France, even though Claudia would rather being bringing Steve back from the dead, Myka convinces her to come with them and the gang fly to their next clue.

This episode went exactly where I thought it would go. An artifact hunt to find the fail safe to save the warehouse from the past. As the team makes their way through the clues, one by one, the team members are indisposed of, until Artie is left standing trying to save the world and his friends by himself. Artie is back to his old crumodgeonly ways decrying the new-fangled internet and using a football for intel instead. Myka remains rational in the wake of the death of her friends, questioning the use of yet another artifact when they don’t know the fall out. Every piece of magic has its price and she seems to be the only one that remembers that. Claudia goes to a scary place, helping the team, getting trapped in a tunnel, but still threatening Artie that she is going to bring Steve back. While I admire Claudia’s loyalty to her friend and colleague Steve, I never thought the two of them had any particular chemistry and find it hard to reconcile this lack of real friendliness between them and the passion Claudia displays in bringing him back from the dead. There is a disconnect for me, which I don’t see being rectified because while the team may be able to go back 24 hours we can’t all go back through last season and work out their chemistry kinks.

Pete though is what pulls the show together. He consistently remains the man with the funny quips willing to give his life to the cause and his friends. When the team is trying to decipher where to head next before figuring out the black diamond clue, Claudia wonders how they are going to save the world if they only have 23 hours and the fail safe could be anywhere. Pete says sincerely, “I like beavers. I’ll take Canada.” And when he catches the football that Artie recalls from its drone spying around the world, he kneels on the ground and crosses himself. Even I know what that is in reference to, and it made me giggle. And while Pete can bring the laughs and he lightens up and otherwise extremely intense story line, he can also bring the tears. He dies in Arties arms after fighting to protect the warehouse and his friends from the Black Diamond Brotherhood and Artie vows to use the astrolabe no matter its cost.

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What is that cost? Well, thankfully, the head Black Diamond Brother, played by Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame, comes back from his near death experience long enough to tell Artie he can never reveal what he has done, and that he has let loose a terrible evil. Anyone wondering who this season’s bad guy is going to be? I’m thinking, its a TErrrible EEEvil. With the help of Leena and the Hong Kong warehouse keeper of doorways, or something like that, Artie figures out if he goes back in time he needs to find Ghandi’s peace garment to diffuse the bomb. And Lo! what dost my eye see? But H.G. Wells and Myka all tangled together from when the robe snaked out and bound them up together. Artie releases them again and convinces them that in order to diffuse the bomb they need Ghandi’s blanket, so they help him diffuse the bomb by throwing peace on top of the hatred that is Sykes and his eyes go back to normal. Which always happens in real life too, just so you know. It’s not a lie that sci/fi keeps perpetuating or anything. And teh world is all better. Except for Steve of course, he’s still dead and Claudia is still determined to bring him back.

A satisfying and emotional journey to bring back the warehouse, which I assumed was never really in jeopardy. Also, I really liked the new opening and closing bits for each commercial break, I always enjoy when shows change it up and they have some new ways of bringing in the new scenes that had me tickled. But I am curious. That one time that Artie got exploded and he came back, it was because of the watch. So, if the watch goes back in time, or helps people find artifacts that go back in time is it possible that MacPherson is still alive and his apparition to Artie yet another mind trick? I know we saw him disintegrate, but the pocket watch still has left me with many questions. Maybe it leads to may different artifacts that go back in time? I fear this is unlikely, but it is still worth thinking about. I’m not sure how MacPherson would disintegrate in one universe and come back in another parallel universe without anyone knowing, but it’s sci/fi and I think it is possible. I’m a little worried about Artie, he seems to have aged quite dramatically when he realized that the TErrible EEvil was actually going to be just that. And his vision of Claudia is also worrisome.

2 thoughts on “Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: A New Hope

  1. I am a huge fan of Warehouse 13 and I have been since season 1. I have been recommending it to all of my coworkers, at Dish, and they always come back enjoying it. I loved this episode; it was a great way to get back in the swing of Warehouse duty, but also a good way to keep the drama going from the end of last season. I wasn’t able to watch it live on Monday, but it is on Dish Online, so I was able to watch it this morning, for free. The only thing I’m really worried about is Claudia; they can get past almost any obstacle until it has to do with such close friends.

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