Nodds & Nends: Mash-ups, Memes, and Making Monsters

Here are some nerdy odds & ends, and maybe a bit of commentary, just a bit.

Have you ever wondered what Robert Downey Jr. would look like as a pin up girl? Well, wonder no more. Someone has photshopped his face onto pictures of pin up girls. And it is hilarious. My mother sent me these, which probably tells you more about my relationship with my mother than anything else. 😀 [via dragonbug]

Street Fighter Hello Kitty style, on t-shirts. These are adorable. I’m not a big Hello Kitty or  Street Fighter fan girl, but I am definitely a fan of mash-ups. It’s like my thing. [via RIASS]

Sci/Fi mash-up memes in the vein of Use the Force, Harry. Worth a look and a giggle or two.

Kickstarter The Hero Project where a group of people are gathering money to come up with World Cultural Hero figurines. Pretty cool idea even if I still don’t really get the whole buying items that just sit around and gather dust because most people don’t have time to play with them and so then they put them in huge tubs. But I have like an anti-hording disease. [via Shortpacked]

Do you have a drawing you would like made into a stuffed animal? Looking to get a unique present for the child (or adult child) in your life? Check out The Little Stuffed Shop, send them a drawing and they will create a stuffed whatever for you. Like this Troll, it is awesome! If I had the money I would do this for my nieces, but that is like $400 I don’t really have to spend on presents. Le Sigh [via RIASS]


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