Nodds & Nends: Love Triangles, Matt Smith, and The Avengers

Do you bemoan the cliched love triangle? Marie Lu at Publishing Crawl discusses and questions The (Dreaded?) Love Triangle and why she has several series she enjoys even with the cliched triad. What it boils down to, is that relationships are often complicated, and if the complication makes sense in the story than it isn’t a cliche. I agree. Life is complicated, and if, in the story, it makes sense for the relationship to be complicated also,then I don’t have a problem with them. But it seems the constant inundation of young adult trilogies are filled with triangles for no other reason than creating conflict between two alpha males. [via RIASS]

I watched a cute rom/com this weekend which starred David Tenant, The Decoy Bride. Which was fun, if predictable. And if you are Tenant fan, you’ll probably enjoy him as a love interest. However, I look at him and just wish it was Matt Smith (although, Tenant looks like an excellent kisser). I appease my wishes, and perhaps yours, with this awesome portrait of Eleven by Harbek on DeviantArt.

Speaking of Doctor Who, season seven premieres at the end of August (which is just around the corner) with “Asylum of the Daleks,” after four new, Who-centric specials. [Edit: Please note, that it will be at the British Film Festival, hopefully these videos will make it to television and actually air.] According to Screenrant, they’ll be “mixing educational elements of documentaries with the relaxed fun style that the previous Doctor Who specials of last year exhibited.” Plus, the internets are all abuzz because DW made it to the cover of EW, which is kind of awesome. I’m really excited for Doctor Who to return, but I’m behind in all my television watching, and even though I’ve set things in motion for my life to slow down, not so much happening instantaneously, and it is hard to enjoy good TV if one is all stressed out. I may not get around to watching these Who specials. Also, I HATE the daleks!!! SO MUCH!  [via The Mary Sue]

A few more posts about responsible blogging and copyrighted images have some good information and ideas. Check out Being a More Responsible Blogger and The Principle of Fair Use and Image Usage for Bloggers.

And now another How it Should Have Ended. This time for The Avengers.


15 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Love Triangles, Matt Smith, and The Avengers

  1. Ooooh oooh oooh DW’s coming back early…. brilliant!… I didn’t think it was supposed to be back until the fall… like, October or November… The best part about this is that I’m going back home to England in September so I’ll be able to watch it in my homeland, just as I did when season 5 started 😀

    Thanks for the update!! And that artwork is amazing 🙂

    BTW, you posted the wrong video 😛

  2. Ah the dreaded love triangle! I just posted about a book that features another badly done love triangle! I only problem with is that lots of them have no true character development and are pretty shallow…and it’s always between two hot guys one who is just regular guy and one who is super rich!
    I can’t wait for new Dr. Who..and I am with you..I am a Matt Smith fan first! 🙂

      • Completely agree about the love triangles. Another curious thing is how many books seem to feature people falling in love or breaking up…but not those who are already in a steady relationship. Really, are people in a happy relationship really that boring?

      • It’s the happily ever after syndrome. Apparently a couple is either happy or not happy, very few are working on their relationships to be happy. Actually one of the things I enjoyed about the show FRIENDS was Monica and Chandler’s relationship. Monica says relationships are hard work, some days more than others. I never found that particularly boring. 😀

      • Sometimes I think the actor can add something extra to the development of the character that doesn’t feature as much in the book..Like for example I really enjoy ‘The Hunger Games’ but unlike most fans I am totally uninterested in the romance..I think the world is interesting enough on it’s own. I don’t understand how people love Gale so much..he gets maybe 4 pages in the entire series! Which gets to my order to get us to root for the character she ends up with you I feel they often downgrade the other/rival character to make that character seem more interesting!

      • I agree. I wasn’t a fan of Gale as a love interest in the books, and though they try to make him something more in the movies, I wonder how that will play out over the next two if they want to remain true to the books. One of the reasons I loved the Hunger Games was Peeta’s steadfastness and his ability to read the situation, he had an intelligence about people Katniss lacked. I enjoyed the different strengths of each character. I really hope that plays out more in the movies.

      • I wonder why Katniss would even consider Gale? Yet I know Gale has a HUGE fanbase..and I know people were really mad about the last book. Perhaps like 1995 Pride and Prejudice they will end up adding extra scenes with Gale that don’t feature in the book!

  3. Love Dr Who but how can you hate the Daleks? If done well, like in Dalek or some of the “Classic” Dr Who stories like Rememberance of the Daleks, they are a proper terrifying monster. Unfortunately, they have been made into a bit of a joke. Asylum of the Daleks is supposed to feature EVERY DALEK EVER though which can only be cool.

    Oh god, I’m getting geekbumps.

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