Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: An Evil Within

Claudia is determined to bring Steve back from the dead with the Metronome artifact, no matter the cost. Artie is, of course, against the idea, but he doesn’t have much room to be all judgey judgey any more now that he has reversed time, and changed the course of history with his little artifact of doom. Plus, Claudia gets permission to bring Steve back from Jane, Pete’s mom, who helps her through the arduous task of holding onto Steve and the Metronome. It is a little overly hyped for me, and I’ve already lost interest in the Claudia emo drama. Plus her hair keeps changing each scene and it is bugging the crap out of me. It is acting like a bad wig, and I wonder what is really wrong with her. Claudia always has awesome hair. Not so much any more (also Myka’s hair, WTF? More on that later).  I feel like the writers are trying to force emotion from the audience rather than draw it out with this over dramatic Lazarus moment with Steve. But I think I’ve made my feelings about Claudia and Steve’s sister/brother relationship quite clear.

Artie meanwhile is all worried about his artifact of doom, as well as he should be. We still don’t know the consequences of using the artifact to reverse time, well, we know it started at war, but lots of things start wars. I’m not sure that avoiding using artifacts because they may start a war, is all that much of a motivator. I mean causing people to die is bad, but there are always wars that always kill people. Not really sure how one could link the causation of one to an artifact anyway. Even asking Data (I mean the Brotherhood) for help doesn’t get Artie anywhere except, Doom and more Doom. Which was an odd out of place scene for me, diner doom. Yah, OK. So, Artie and Claude, a little boring this week from over hyped drama.

Myka Bering by

Now, Pete and Myka, awesome story line! They go to investigate why people are turning against their friends and neighbors. The police reports and witness interviews are quite strange, people are seeing monsters with tentacles. Myka has a phobia about tentacles that is hilarious. But why oh why have they crazied up her hair? It looks ridiculous. It looks like she had a karatin treatment to relax her natural curls, but now they want to put the curls back in using a hot curling iron and then mushed it up. What? I say bring out the natural curl, for sure. Round about relax and then curl, not so much. Pete and Myka discover that an artifact of H.P. Lovecraft is turning people into Cthulhu, but they don’t understand who is behind it or why. Not until they connect the victims. But can they stop the monster creating mad man before he gets to his next victim? Pete is all excited because he realizes he really is one of the MIB (Men In Black), and now I really wish someone would do a mash-up of that!

Not to give away spoilers, but what do you think happens? Interestingly enough Jane actually didn’t have permission to give Claudia permission to bring back Steve (who is weirded out that he isn’t dead anymore), and the main Regent Dude tells Jane she must not be ruled by her guilt. Oooh, Bad Mommy! And, as a result of bringing him back, even though they don’t know the consequences of using the Metronome, they must keep Steve close to the Warehouse and the Metronome under observation, and if him being alive puts other people in jeopardy, they will have to end his life by stopping the Metronome. Basically, Steve is forever a prisoner of the Warehouse. Artie is going through the same anxieties, but he can’t tell anyone about them of course, because that will make his artifact of doom, even doomier. Then Artie gets a ping that an artifact is in play, and it is the artifact from his previous nightmare where CLaudia is out to stake him. He pretends it is nothing, but Pete has a definite vibe. Hopefully Pete and his exceptional detective skills will get this all figured out before it comes back to bite the agents in their respective butts.


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