Nodds & Nends: Little Robin, Book Vending Machines, and Wizards

This awesome photo by Wild Hared Designs of a kid cosplayer as Robin beating up Bane while Batman stands in the background his arms folded over his chest is just too precious for words.

Book vending machines? How cool is that. Now if we would just replace all of our junk vending machines with these book ones in America, maybe half of the country wouldn’t be obese and we would raise our literacy rates. The powers that be are doing a wellness program at my work and everyone is upset that they will have to stand on a scale, have their BMI determined, and figure out a wellness program that works for them. Even though our HIPPA rights are still protected and often accountability breeds results, everyone is upset at The Man for wanting them to get healthier. Personally, I would love if everyone got healthier, perhaps our health insurance rates would decrease if we weren’t paying for procedures that wouldn’t happen if preventative health care (and by that I mean exercising and eating right and getting regular check ups) was practiced by everyone. [via RIASS, the book vending machines, not my rant]

A new trailer for the Hobbit with three new shots. Thanks a lot. Though, when I heard The Hobbit would be three films, I wasn’t all that excited for it any more. But honestly, if the world ends the day after my birthday, and I’m sitting in a movie theater watching J.R.R. Tolkien come to life, in whatever form, I will be fine with that. Actually, I just love rewatching this, so pooh pooh on the poohpoohers. ALSO I NEED TO REREAD THE HOBBIT NOW!!! [via Topless Robot]

Though Matt Rhodes has an excellent point when he says: Wizards, if they were real, would be the worst people. Dabbling in all sorts of grim abominations for dubious ends. They’d be the last people you’d ever hire for a quest, and then only in utter desperation.

We are NOT taking the wizard. by


12 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Little Robin, Book Vending Machines, and Wizards

  1. I knew the Hobbit, but not the LOTR, when I saw the first LOTR film and was shocked how it just stopped and is infact just one story cut up into three pieces. I was dismayed when they said the Hobbit would be two films… Don’t think I’ll be going. Also I heard there’s an odd choice of film quality which makes it look like a cheap TV movie!

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