Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Personal Effects

Before I get into this weeks episode, I wanted to let you all know about the webisodes for Warehouse 13 that are up on SyFy. I’ve watched a few of them already and they are quite entertaining, and short. Basically, it’s a little side story for fun that doesn’t affect the main cannon of the series. I quite enjoy them, and you should check them out!

Personal Effects is a team building exercise episode. I’ve been taking improv classes, I know what I’m talking about. Basically the team has to hunt down all the artifacts that Sykes let loose as his safe house was broken into and the artifacts stolen and pawned. Everyone heads out together, even Leena, because she apparently has a database in her head of all the artifacts?, to ensure that everything is capture and brought back properly.

Artie and Leena team up to take half the list of artifacts that need recapturing and the only real thing of note is that at one point Artie grasps an artifact without purple gloves on though this makes no sense. I’m sorry, but if it is your job to catch artifacts, you are in fact, on the hunt for said artifact, wouldn’t you just constantly be wearing purple gloves? The post office personnel sure do. Only, the have the Hands of Blue from Firefly. When Artie gets a handle on the golf club he gets really enraged and spouts off how nobody knows what he has done for them. Leena sees this weird anger from him and tries to talk to him about it, but he brushes her off and just said it is his usual old man grumble. Me thinks the writers are going to have Artie’s little secret about his artifact of doom come out, but if that artifact is neutralized, will Pete die? Because I really, really don’t want that to happen!

Claudia and Jinksy are teamsters on the hunt once again! Once again their chemistry seems off. I don’t understand why I can’t buy it like everyone else, but I’m still having a hard time. Claudinsky (which is what I’m going to call them from now on!) have the other half of the list which leads them to a store to find sunglasses that make the wearer invisible. But Jinks realizes cameras can still capture the persons image, so using one he clothes hangers the dude with him arm. Funny enough, he doesn’t feel a thing, but Claudia’s shoulder aches. After a couple of more incidents and a purposeful experiment with a safety pin, Jinks realizes that Claudia has transferred pain from him. This must be the effect of her bringing him to life. But then wouldn’t Sykes have felt the pain of his Metronome man? Wouldn’t he have felt like he got shot? Died? Hmmmm.

Pete and Myka are after the thief who stole the artifacts, pawned them, keeping one dangerous pipe for himself. The pipe causes disturbances in the weather, creating freak tornadoes and lightening. When Pete and Myka can’t get in range of the guy to stop him they talk to his mother and find out that the thief has a very sick brother and he has been trying to get enough money to pay for a heart transplant for his brother, which keeps getting denied. Plus, he has been giving blood to the blood bank, anonymously (which I didn’t quite understand- What? He’s a really big thief in Utah and if he has contact with his mother and brother he gets capture? I somehow doubt that), and is a match for his brother. You see where this is going, right? Myka confronts him on the roof top of the hospital while Pete uses the sunglasses to come up from behind him and tackle him. Once the thief realizes he is defeated he calls down lightening one more time and kills himself, giving his heart to his brother. OK, Ok. WHAT??? Could you really use a heart that had just been electrocuted? I mean, let me google this. Google doesn’t seem to have an answer, I’m thinking that’s because the answer is No.

Pete: So something that controls lightning. Did Thor smoke a pipe?

All in all a fairly underwhelming episode with some interesting leaks of information. Pete and Myka were in top form, so I enjoyed their scenes together. The Claudinsky effect is interesting, and I was wondering what the side effect of the Metronome artifact was going to be, because they keep harping on it. But so far, Claudia just has some pain, no real manifestation of Jinks injuries, so if she can’t die from it, then I don’t really find it all the interesting. So she has pains, who doesn’t? Artie’s bad temper as the result of an artifact isn’t all the interesting either. So, I’m not really sure where they are headed with that, but I’m hoping it is somewhere better than an Artie rant again.


4 thoughts on “Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Personal Effects

  1. Ah, you’re the one that watches SyFy then! I think it was when watching Heroes (I was so disappointed by the end of the first series that my passion died then and there) that all new series had to be screened on SyFy before making it to the BBC. The fact it had been screened elsewhere before seemed to have no effect on the chatter about it when it made it to terrestrial TV. I have wondered how they afford to premier such stuff.

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