Nodds & Nends: Books lists, a Pretty Ursula, and a Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Read this Freshly Pressed author’s book list for the year. Maybe I need to pick up a challenge? What am I thinking? My life is quite a challenge as it is. Time to realize saying No, is ok. I already feel guilty about my ever growing pile of books to review. I’m three behind at this point. Le sigh.

Want to see Ursula pretticized? I like the hair and the less scary face, but I wish the artist had kept some more curves. [via]

TARDIS leggings and a TARDIS dress. I would wear neither of them. But hey, just because they are not my style doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t like them. I’m not really sure you could consider that a dress actually. And I’m sure it would not actually stay over my butt, but… 🙂 that is just the sacrifice I make for actually having one. AND The most awesome Doctor Who thing I found on the internet this week, was this amazing illustration of The Doctor and crew welcoming the Mars Curiosity. I LURV it!!!

These kid costumes are so much fun to scroll through, you’ll get lost the the creativity. My favorite is the awesome crazy cat lady one. I want to replicate it!

I found some more pictures of Serenity in Legos, including the crew. I assume these are hand painted and aren’t for sale. This is why I follow Think Geek on Google +. Which in my mind is Twitter for Nerdy/Geeky people. It’s where Wil Wheaton questions people about phones regarding software and programs I have no clue what he is talking about. It is also not all that popular, go figure.

Speaking of The Nerrrds, this awesome illustration of the Browser Wars between Firefox and Chrome while Internet Explorer sits by eating glue is quite priceless.

Supergirl by Kerrith Johnson. Totally gorgeous. 😀 Check out the artist’s website for more similar comic posters.

Believe – Supergirl by

6 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Books lists, a Pretty Ursula, and a Crazy Cat Lady Costume

  1. I saw that Lego set and my jaw dropped..I must have it for my own MY PrEcIoUsssss! In a mall near me they opened a Legoland Discovery’s pretty cool actually and has lots of neat collector sets but no Serenity alas!

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