Webseries Update

So, I’ve run across a couple of new, and seemingly exciting Webseries, and I’ve been waiting for more episodes to hit the web before reviewing them in their entirety. But, then I thought, what they Heck, why deprive you from the beginning of seeing whether you enjoy these or not. I know, I know, like you need more help spending countless hours on the internets. You can thank me later. 😀

I know I’ve mentioned them before, but you really should check out the Warehouse webisodes. They are quite fun and I like the animation of them, different than the actual television series (though similar to the gaming one). The second episode was really just filler, but I think they are cute. Plus WAREHOUE 13, FTW! Woot.

The Booth at the End started as a webseries, and then got made into a real Hulu series and the second season is now up on Hulu. It is a really interesting concept where this guy sits at a booth in a diner and these people come up to him and ask him to fix a problem and in return they have to do something for him. Usually it is something horrible or just odd and seems unrelated to their problem. But as the end of the first season showed, everything is connected. I’m interested to see who the waitress really is to the story.

Don’t forget about Geek DIY. I watched the first episode and it was quite entertaining, plus it looks like an awesome line up of guest stars. Wil Weaton makes dice, FTW. (OK, I’m over using that).

Vendors is an animated series about some retail workers set in the Star Wars universe. So far, quite funny. [via Topless Robot]



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