Doctor Who Tidbits Including Fezes, Weeping Angels, and Exercising

TARDIS fezes from one of the guys from Penny Arcade (Joel Watson). Aren’t they awesome?!

Look at this lovely collage by Renton1313 all The Doctor incarnations, and the TARDIS. Isn’t it grand? Check out her DeviantArt page for more awesome and geeky collages.

Nerd Love: Doctor Who by

Fall is sweeping in and soon it will be the Holidays. What could be better than preparing for this solstice by making a Weeping Angel tree topper? Here is a great blog post on how to  make your own. If you do make one, let me know!!

Doctor Who is about the hit the small screen soon (if you haven’t already been watching the making of documentaries – personally I got a bit bored when I tried to watch them) and what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than by adding exercise to it. I’m sure people already have drinking games, but wouldn’t we be healthier as a group if we all started working out to our shows rather than drinking to them? Probably. Are we going to do this? Probably not. Though, I may try to do the exercise thing once and see how it goes. I may be exercising too much to actually watch the episode. (Personally I would say that if you see a Dalek grab a bat and start swinging, but I’ve neither a bat nor room to swing one in my living room.) Thanks to JohnMichael S. for the tip.


9 thoughts on “Doctor Who Tidbits Including Fezes, Weeping Angels, and Exercising

  1. LOL I love the Weeping Angels on the Christmas Tree… awesome. And I agree with the documentaries… my mind did wander… but the other docs (the “best of”) are the same. And I haven’t heard of any of those “celebrities”

    Great idea about the exercise too… but I’m thinking you could easily kill yourself with that many jumping jacks during a typical episode… 😉

    • Probably. I’m going to give it a try for an episode and see how it goes. I just think all the jumping around will make for a loud tv watching and I’ll be annoyed that I didn’t hear what was being said. Plus, I’m thinking my downstairs neighbor may get upset. I may have to come up with a slightly different list.

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