Friday Videos

So, I know I forgot to mention because I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, but Grimm is back on. I really enjoyed the first season, so I’m actually excited about this second season and I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers. Here is a teaser for the new season, or you could just go and watch the first episode on Hulu. [via io9]

The final season of Fringe will be back in the not to far future about the not to far future where the Observers have enslaved the rest of humanity. I get chills just thinking about it. I’m a bit sad this will be the last season, but if they can all go out in style than I’m all for that. I watch the series finales for Eureka, which went about as I expected it, but they did do a throwback to the very first episode I had completely forgotten about, and I thought was super cool. So sometimes a series can end well. Hopefully Fringe does as well. You understand the risks of saving the world?[via io9]

Supernatural wont be here for a few more months, but honestly any moment I can spend viewing these beautiful boys/mens is a good moment. And I like to share my good moments. I’m very intrigued with Dean and Castiel being in purgatory, but I’m more intrigued that this show was supposed to end with season five and is now about to air it’s eighth season. Enjoy this fan made trailer for season 8 (please don’t read the words or if you do, note I do not endorse such poor English).



2 thoughts on “Friday Videos

  1. I am going to miss “Fringe” immensely. Every episode I kept asking myself, how can they keep coming up with these amazing twists and how much further can they go before the reach the edge.

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