Nodds & Nends: Supernatural, Cthulhu, and Peter Pan

Supernatural fan art from DeviantArt(ist) Renton1313. I love the paper cutout collages of this artist. So awesome, such great detail. Le sigh.

Nerd Love: Supernatural by

Have you thought about how you choose  your next book? This blogger has. It is an interesting question. Usually I get my next books from other blogger suggestions, rapidly filling up my queue with the library. Sometimes I wander around the library on my lunch break picking up random books because the cover art interest me, or the font is that specific urban fantasy font (seriously, start noting the font on books certain genres have like only three that they use), or I randomly flip to the middle of the book and if that page is interesting I will get the book and start reading it from the beginning. Some times I find lists that people have pulled together, like this one on Peter Pan Retellings and I pick and choose from the list. So tell me, how do you choose your next book?

Check out this Cthulhu evening bag. I love when people take nerd fandom to the next level, anyone can come up with a t-shirt design, it takes real work to make something you could wear out on the town with a little black dress.

cthulhu evening bag by RazorbladeCupcake on Etsy

Books Without Any Pictures has a fun review of 50 Shades of Grey up on her blog in preparation for reading a parody of the same. And since I was on the subject of funny reviews of 50 Shades of Grey this person found all the funny one star reviews on Amazon and posted them. And to be fair, I’ll post this article about the effect of calling something Mommy Porn and why that is really the disgrace that has happened with regard to this book. Is it only stupid women who enjoy this book? Or perhaps there are some who enjoy a bit of a smutty beach read while understanding it’s not the next Handmaiden’s Tale (which I disliked FYI- the movie was worser (gag)).

Speaking of men who get the womens all hot and bother, what about the mens on Supernatural? In particular the angels. Castiel is my favorite of course. Mostly because his character is fabulous!  Art by Kaiser-Mony.

SPN: Angels by


5 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Supernatural, Cthulhu, and Peter Pan

  1. I read a really interesting post yesterday about how and why fan fic is often so highly sexualised–the author argues that it’s a lot to do with the fact that women’s sexuality has been so stigmatised and vilified over the years, and that most stuff of a sexual nature is not only geared towards men, but is actively hostile towards female. Erotica allows women to couple sex with intimacy and romance, and fan fic, which is full of characters we know and love, lends itself to this.

    Checking out that choosing your next book link now (I’m one of those people who owns a million books but always complains about having nothing to read.)

    • I agree that erotica allows women to couple sex with intimacy and romance, which apparently scares people. I’m not sure if it is because these do not exist in some people’s lives so they fear what they do not know, or it is because women finding a certain type of sexual fantasy fulfilling scares them.

      On my desk I have a good tbr pile and a bad tbr pile. And when my good tbr pile is done I turn a blind eye to my bad tbr and say, why don’t I have anything to read. LOL Maybe I should just get rid of my bad tbr pile.

  2. I looked through all the cutouts and WOW her stuff is awesome…so gorgeous..I really want one but I want an original not a print but I am sure I can’t afford it LOL I am really excited to look through the list of Peter Pan retellings! Don’t get the 50 shades phenomenon at all..I have had woman in there 50’s at work recommending it to me… which really weirds me out..because it’s so not the kind of book I would want to read. LOL

    • I’m not really interested in 50 Shades because I’m not interested in badly written erotica. But it does bring up an interesting discussion on the role of erotica and sexual fantasy for women that I thought worth exploring. 50 Shades actually sounds rather tame and I’d rather read books about characters I actually like exploring their sexuality than Twilight fan fic. But that is just me.

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