Nodds & Nends: Doctor Who Just Around the Corner

Doctor Who premieres September 1 on BBC America. Yes, that is right, September 1. See Doctor Who page on BBC America.  There has been a bit of a kerfuffle on the internets because at first it was said to air on the 8th of September, but now two days in a row it has been the same info, so I feel somewhat confident in assuming it actually be on the 1st. Thanks to The Last Song I Heard for the tip. If you really really want to see the show early, you can enter to win tickets to the NYC premiere, they give you a day to buy plane tickets if you don’t already live there, so yah, that isn’t prohibitively expensive, at all. Thanks to Adrian N. for the tip.

If, like myself, you will just have to wait until September 1 to see the new episode “Asylum of the Daleks”, check out these picture promos in the mean time. Or you can check out the new Season 7 Trailer that is awesome, several new clips, and my favorite so far. Especially because Mark Sheppard is narrating, so maybe his character is coming back?

Recently BB Edgeworth contacted me to show me that she had created a Doctor Who quiet book, and OMG is it amazing! You can check out all the pictures of this wonderful creation on her tumblr and Part II here. Also check out her Pinterest page!

Photo used with permission

Photo used with permission

Photo used with permission

What started out as concept work has been made reality, you can buy your own police box ring for that special someone in your life. (Technically this is not a TARDIS ring because BBC has not endorsed it.)  Maybe you are past the ring stage and you are now dealing with little person running around you and you are trying to teach them how to be the best nerd or dork out there (I’ve a head start in this department as I’m slowly encouraging the dorky side of my friend’s kids), you can bring them to the dark side by duplicating this awesome Geeky Kids Bedroom! Toy Story, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, OH MY!

Mujia (aka pepeluiv) has created some awesome Doctor Who plushies, which you can custom order from her Etsy site. You can also check out her tumblr which has a lot of Doctor Who and Sherlock awesomeness on it.

cc pepeluiv

cc pepeluiv


13 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Doctor Who Just Around the Corner

  1. I’m sooooo excited for Doctor Who returning! 😀 I know it hits BBC UK on 1st September, so I’d expect it to be similiar for the US since we never make them wait for our TV. 😛

  2. Checking out the Space Channel’s website they list the premiere as Sept 1st up here in Canada too…my DVR shows me recording “To Be Announced” however, hmmm. That sounds like a good show too though. Also Space is showing a few specials leading up to the premiere of Season 7 it looks like. This Saturday is a “Destinations of Dr. Who” and next Tuesday “The Timey-Wimey of Dr. Who” I’d guess those may be on BBC America (or BBC Canada) as well and they look like they’re worth a look.

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