Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Fractures

This week on Warehouse 13, Artie has a nervous breakdown and Lewis Carroll’s Alice escapes from her mirror. Many of the subplots of this season came to a culmination leaving room for a building up to the end of the overall story arc for this  year (hopefully). I enjoyed the writers bringing back Arties love interest, he is just so cute twitterpated. I also liked that this episode focused on one big artifact that everyone was helping to hunt down. Poor Alice, driven crazy as a child and then locked in a mirror in the warehouse. No wonder you are so freakin’ insane.

The sixth episode in this season of Warehouse 13, “Fractures”, is all about Artie. He is on his way to his monthly rendezvous with the Warehouse doctor, Vanessa. He tells the crew not to contact him unless it is something really really important. I was all but waiting for the comment, What could go wrong. Because you know something is going to go wrong. And Lo What Doest My Eye See Yonder? Something going bat shit crazy. Remember that mirror Myka got trapped inside when Alice got out before and made Myka’s body all sexy? Well, She’s BAAACK!

Alice in Wonderland by

Myka and Pete head out to to deal with some quiet church girl who went crazy and tried kill a priest. The church girl worked at a thrift shop and opened a package containing the mirror and special camera. And because the camera said to, she clicked the button, a light flashed, and she was drawn into the mirror. Ugh, I’m sorry I do not go around clicking things just because they have a tag on them. Unless maybe I’m in the kid’s aisle at Target with my three year old best friend. Alice breaks the mirror and keeps a shard having learned a new trick of body jumping (which can apparently happen without the camera flashing). Myka and Pete chase her all around town as she body hops.

Meanwhile, back at the Warehouse Jinks, Claudia, and Leena are trying to find something that will contain Alice now that her mirror prison has been destroyed. Claudia is all confused that the mirror is gone, and Jinks is like, Um didn’t Artie tell you things have been stolen from the warehouse even though there has been no pings. And everyone else is like, Um no he hasn’t. Another mark in the Artie is crazy column. Recently I’ve begun to wonder if the reversal of time even happened, or if Artie has just been infected by an artifact and is now crazy. They finally figure out that this hookah thing will trap her body and spirit so they travel to meet up with Myka and Pete.

Weapons include guns, tesler, purple gloves, and a hookah

Alice has had an agenda the entire time, refusing to leave the city and jumping bodies just to get away from Pete and Myka. Turns out, she’s been after Artie. More importantly, she has been after Vanessa to make Artie suffer. Artie figures she must be after him because of Data the Monk, and makes some mumbojumbo remarks that have Vanessa confused. Eventually the team captures Alice once she inhibits Claudia’s body and Jinks lets himself get stabbed so that Claudia will feel it, distracting Alice, and allowing them to put the genie in the bottle. Well, the Alice genie anyway, but it also lets the cat out of the bag on a few things (if I’m allowed to jump from one metaphor to the next). Claudia finds out Jinks is linked to her, but instead of being all Crazy Claudia about it she says, lets work on this together. No duh.

Pete calls the crew together and they discuss that Artie is not telling them things and that they need to find the thief who is stealing from the Warehouse. Artie yells into the vault that he will catch whoever is doing this to him and when he leaves Leena steps out from the shadows. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. But WTF. Leena is the bad guy again. Le sigh. This is not original team. Not at all. Check one in the Artie isn’t crazy column. Or maybe Leena is just worried about him and that is her worried look, not her evil look?

One thought on “Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Fractures

  1. I love Warehouse 13 so much! It has been a great season so far and it only seems to be getting better. I’m not able to watch the episodes live on Mondays because I’m working late at Dish all the time. I needed to record all of the episodes on my Hopper so that I could re-watch them once the season was done airing, and I’ll still be able to keep them and all of my other shows as well. I am very impressed with what they have done so far this season, and I really think this is the best season so far!

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