Doctor Who Companions, Campfires, and Cooking

Just a quick reminder that I appreciate open and honest discussion from a place of respect. I have no problem delete comments I find particularly offensive to the general population or resort to name calling. Let’s keep this little corner of the blogosphere a safe and happy place to come to every day, the rest of the world may crap on us (and generally it does), but here is my haven and I mean to keep it that way, for myself and for you guys. 🙂

Read The Mary Sue’s interesting piece on how the Doctor changes with each companion and what that means for the story. I know a lot of people have trouble when a new actor takes over the part of The Doctor or a new companion is introduced, but that is the show- and life really, constantly changing. I find embracing the change with Doctor-like glee and wonderment particularly more effective way of dealing with the constant change in the Doctor Who line up. But I’m a Sagittarius, so I get bored easily.

Quick question, why are the weeping angels attacking the pretty people in Vampire Diaries? Leave the pretty people alone!

Somewhere in Brooklyn is a mural with the promo scene from this season of Doctor Who. My mother has said that if she comes across the wall she’ll take an updated picture and I can run it on the blog. I hope she finds it, because that would be awesome. 😀

A teaser trailer for this week’s episode. The Doctor and Sherlock’s LeStrade sit in front of a campfire. Still, it made me smile. Great way to start the day, with The Doctor. 🙂 [via io9]

I don’t know how I haven’t heard about, or seen these TARDIS string lights. The packaging looks familiar, but I don’t think I’ve seen them strung around a room before. Now I want a Doctor Who themed party with these lights, where we eat a dessert version of Fish Stick Cookies with Custard that I made while wearing this awesome 11th Doctor-Styled apron, after which we play Yahtzee Doctor Who style.

This needs to happen, and then I can die happy.



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