Nodds & Nends: Children Gone Postal and More

So, apparently people used to send children in the mail. Yah, that really happened. I want to know who changed their dirty nappies? Did they even come with clean ones? I mean, what? [via]

People and the Post, Postal History from the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum
Picture in the Public Domain

Lego Jayne with his oh so special hat. It is totally awesome and you should click over to the link!

Glue bugs on to nylon for Halloween costumes of the creepy variety. Where else would this be from than Martha Stewart?

Apparently a Wonder Woman’s origin story has been scripted. Ensue in fighting among the nerds again, more to do about her costume, ending in a failure of the show to get off the ground. And because I can, I show you Captain Wonder! šŸ˜‰

By Mandy (Flickr: Chicago Comic Con 2011 045) via Wikimedia Commons

Remember when that Mars Rover was all the news for a while there for some reason? Well, apparently this thing can take panoramicĀ imagesĀ as well as samples, and now we have Mars on a skirt. [via]

Mars Rover Panoramic Full Skirt by GoChaseRabbits on Etsy, $45.99

Matched by Ally Condie is being made into a movie, and now a director has been attached to the making of it. This is a book I can see being made into a movie as it was particularly descriptive and beautiful in its narrative. Plus it is a teen dystopian novel, which are all the rage and if this is going to get made into a movie, it needs to be now.

Peter Hollens and Lindsey the Violin Player (as she will be forever in my head) have their own version of the Game of Thrones theme song. You are welcome.