Gordon-Levitt and Looper

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be staring in  the sci/fi thriller September 28, 2012. Originally I saw some sort of teaser for this a long time ago and completely forgot about it. However, when I went to get my hair cut recently there was a GQ copy of Joseph Gordon-Levitt sitting on the coffee table in the waiting room and I just had to pick up the magazine and flip through the pictures of Gordon-Levitt in some lovely three pieces suits. Drool. Anyway, it mentioned Looper and I also recently saw this article from io9, so now I’m plenty interested.

The basic premise is that gangsters use time travel in 2074 to send people they want to whack to the past collecting silver pieces along the way. When a victim shows up with a gold piece on their back the Looper knows their Loop has made its full circle and they kill their future self living the rest of their life with all the money they’ve collected. Cool right? Watch the trailer below for more good times.


6 thoughts on “Gordon-Levitt and Looper

  1. I loved Brick and the premise of this film seems really interesting. A little part of me though squirms every time I see the strange ‘Willis-izing’ effect they’ve applied to JGL’s face in the trailer. Hopefully once the story starts I’ll be able to just get involved and lose myself in it. 🙂

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