Learning from Paper, Paper Cut Stories, and Burning Paperbacks

The other day as I was running on the treadmill (OK, by that I mean sweating my way on an Elliptical because my hips can’t take a treadmill) I read this awesome story about a woman who was bullied when she was a young girl and how she learned English from reading a novel. This story made me laugh so hard I was attracting unwanted attention at the gym. But I seriously could not help myself. Even now, remembering how her article ends, I’m giggling.

Yes, this is exactly how I look while exercising. Exactly.
By FitnessFreakLA (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Check out these cut paper illustrations of the classic story Romeo and Juliet (actually one of my least favorite plays, ugh idealized mis-communication and killing ourselves when we loose someone we love, yes that sounds like a great moral to pass on). These illustrations are mad detailed and awesome though, so you should check them out!  [via Read in a Single Sitting]

And finally, there was a library revolution in Michigan based on the theory of reverse psychology. Check out this video of people who wanted money to keep their libraries open so they set up an anti-book campaign to get a conversation started that focused on the books and not taxes. I’m not sure why the video wont embedd, a little frustrated. But click over and watch, it is very interesting. [via Neil Gaimon]


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