Television Review: Warehouse 13: Endless Wonder

I realize postings have been a bit sporadic lately, and I’d apologize, but it wouldn’t be sincere. Oy, but September has been a crazy crazy month and I feel like I’m going full force in several different directions in my life. I really hate uncertainty and that has been the mode I’ve been in lately. And it continues. So, yay. But I digress.

With the episode name of Endless Wonder I was really hoping for some new and exciting artifacts. This season has been really focused on Artie’s past and the artifacts he has captured and for some reason the many years before Myka and Pete came on the scene don’t really count because most of the artifacts featured this season, and especially in this particular episode are ones that have shown up in the last three years. I know I’m a huge dork, but it is the new artifacts and interesting historical tidbits that I love. When old ones keep popping up instead of new ones, I get bored. Still there was some interesting things that happened in this episode.

Claudia and Jenks are determined to get Artie to open up about the secret he has been hiding. They know it has something to do with the Brotherhood and so they confront him. But with the other timeline’s Monk Data’s warnings still ringing in his ears Artie is loathe to let them in on the secret. Artie tells them enough so that they can help out when he hunts down to stop Monk Data tfrom taking artifacts from the Warehouse and using them. Claudia and Jenks nearly get blown to bits. But of course that didn’t happen, because if Jenks dies so does Claudia. I highly doubt the writers are going to kill off a favorite of Warehouse fans – Claudia. Also, I’m pretty sure that wont happen because Joss Whedon has nothing to do with this series. Artie has an other confrontation with Data and can’t put the trigger. Monk Data is gleefully using artifacts that can destroy the world and taunting Artie. Honestly, Data Monk’s fanaticism is a little annoying. He is all mad at Artie for changing the world by using an artifact, yet he is doing the same thing every single week. Blaugh. Kill him off already.

Myka and Pete hunt down an artifact that is causing people to grow rapidly. Along the way they meet a Drug Rep of Beautifulness who is interested in what is happening, but helps them figure out it is not a drug. Pete manages to get Drug Rep of Beautifulness into bed and I have to say I do like that Pete finds women of all shapes and sizes and coloring to be beautiful. However, when Myka and Pete figure out it is some sort of cooking instrument causing the rapid growth, not a drug, and they try to leave DRofB behind she is way too smart and curious to be put off and shows up at Leena’s B&B. Head of Regents Dude also shows up and tells Pete to let DRofB in on the Warehouse secret. She is amazed at all the interesting artifacts, but also smart enough to understand that letting the artifacts out into the world could destroy it. Myka meanwhile finds the artifact and tags and bags it and everyone goes back to normal. Head of Regents Dude seems to want DRofB to be a Regent and says, let’s continue our talks. Sounds like a bad pick up line to me. Either she is in or she is out, either you want to take some out for a date, or you don’t.

Maybe I’m overly sensitive to this line. I’ve had more than one guy say, “So, I really enjoyed our conversation and was wondering if we could continue it at some point.” Um. What does that even mean? Also the first time someone said this to me he was chatting me up on a bus and I had said in the first few minutes that I had a boyfriend. Yet he was like, Hey I just want to be your friend. Uh, huh. The second guy was claiming to be a 37 year-old virgin from Nigeria. He was also completely full of himself and I wanted to smack him. So I haven’t had good experiences with the, Let’s continue this conversation bit.

The most interesting part of this episode was when H.G. Wells showed up at Leena’s B&B and confronted Artie about his behavior. She, once totally obsessed with time travel, realized that Artie must have gone back in time and changed the present. His behavior at the warehouse with the guy in the wheelchair was her first clue. Artie is both relieved someone figured his secret and paranoid she will tell anyone. But I have, Helena says, in her oh so sexy British accent, I’ve told Mrs. F.


What I don’t get is this, if it was Pete or Myka or anyone else under such a geas to keep silent or the world ends and the geas was put on them by someone who doesn’t have the Warehouse in his best interest Artie would be FURIOUS that they didn’t come to him with their problem so that the team could solve it. Why does Artie just whole heartily believe what this guy is saying? F that! Artie’s fear and stupidity and grumpiness is starting to wear on me and with the lack of new and exciting artifacts (other than a cooking implement) I’m not all that excited about watching Warehouse 13 anymore and perhaps is what contributed to my late review of last weeks episode. The only endless wondering I did was when this season was going to actually go somewhere.

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