Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Second Chance


In Second Chance the season’s two main arcs come to a head and one of them has a decent pay off. Myka and Pete meanwhile have far less drama as they are simply hunting down an artifact that is making people rusty. After much hoopla and Pete getting the crap beat out of him they discover what is causing people’s problems (shrapnel from old Spartan armor in a Vet’s shoulder), neutralize the artifact and everyone is all better (I don’t consider this a spoiler, what you thought they wouldn’t figure out the artifact? Have you been watching this show?). Though Pete has a split lip and bruised rib or two. Jinks and Claudia are sent on a mission to figure out if they can get him off the metronome and break his connection to Claudia because Artie refuses to talk about Data the Monk and the Brotherhood. After tasking everyone away from the Warehouse, Artie gets a visit from Mrs. F and as always she is a complete bad ass.

Claudia and Jinks are given a riddle by Artie which was written by some dude in the past who was on the metronome and then went off of it. Which sounds like it is some sort of drug. Claudia reads through it and thinks it has something to do with going back to where Jinks grew up, but he’s all reluctant without telling her why. Still they head to New Jersey and meet up with Jinks mom, who is played by that Ines woman from E.R. and The Event. It’s weird to see her without a crutch. She, of course, is the most warm person Claudia has met and the two of them hit it off but Jinks storms away at one point because he is angry at her. Finally she opens up to Claudia and explains that after her daughter was killed by this guy she actually petitioned for him not to get the death penalty because she saw the devastation of one loss and didn’t want that to happen again. Jinks is mad because he feels it was a betrayal of his sister. They cry, hug, and make up which leads to all of them touching the metronome coincidentally and purple magic happens and Jinks is free of his tie to Claudia, the metronome, and his hate. It’s all very neat and tidy. Maybe I would have been more emotionally connected, but I’ve never connected to Jinks as a character and have less empathy for what happens to him. I think it would have been better character-wise to keep him dead last season, because Claudia’s reaction to his death was the only thing that made me feel anything towards him. Plus I love a good death scene.

By Paco from Badajoz, España (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

Mrs. F confronts Artie and asks him to explain why he used an artifact to change time. He explains that the warehouse was gone and several people were dead what was he to do. What he did, she agrees. Artie also confesses that old time line Data Monk warned him of impending doom which he thinks is Claudia because of the vision. But Mrs. F points out that maybe the impending doom is actually this time lines Data Monk who is stealing and using things from the Warehouse and isolating Artie from his friends who could help him. THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!!! See, I’m nearly on the same level as Mrs. F. This makes me immensely proud. H.G. Wells is there for all of this and then she and Mrs. F sneak away and find the artifact of doom and Mrs. F tasks H.G. with disappearing with the artifact and keep it from being neutralized and that she must never have contact with them again. WHAT THE WHAT!!!!! NO MORE H.G. This is my mad panda face. UGH! Just when I thought they had brought her back into the story line. Hey, how about we switch that with getting rid of Jenks, ‘K?

Apparently Jaime Murray is going to be on Defiance. Well that explains everything. And now I will have to watch that show.
Photo by Marcia Gaines (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

So the Jinks payoff while tearful on the part of the actors didn’t move me so much. The Artie payoff made me immensely glad that Mrs. F is so smart but mad the writers decided to get rid of H.G. They had better bring her back, ‘sall I’m saying. Blaugh. I at least want a few more episodes with her. A better send off than, Just disappear.

2 thoughts on “Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Second Chance

  1. I agree with everything you said about HG. She was *barely* in this season at all, and when she finally gets some decent screentime, she’s told to ‘disappear and never be seen again’. Ugh. Just friggin’ breaks my heart. She’s the main reason I even really got interested in this show. All her episodes and scenes are fun to watch.
    Lol, but I will admit I reacted *exactly* like you when I found out she would be on Defiance. A reaction of, “oh wait, what? She’s on a new show? Really? Okay! I’m watching that!” =D
    Love Jaime~
    And Defiance is actually going to be a HUGE series. A groundbreaking one in fact, that utilizes a MMORPG to run simultaneously with the television series, and the set designs and characters are going to be wicked incredible.
    So, while I’m still a bit heartbroken and sad (sad panda face too XD) that W13 isn’t going to utilize my absolute fave charry much anymore, at least we’ll get to see her again soon in an all-new show, that is set to be one of SyFy’s most ambitious series yet. Proud of her for getting in on that~ ^.^

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