TARDIS on a Cat, TARDIS on a Travel Mug, and TARDIS in a Liquor Cabinet, TARDIS Everywhere

Ok, so today’s title is a little long winded and I’d apologize except I think it clever. I generally think I’m clever, and I admit to not being very humble. But I bake delicious treats so that makes up for my braggart ways. Also, I find some of the best most fabulous finds on the internet, which is the only reason I have friends on here ’cause you guys can’t taste my pies.

One of the reasons The Bloggess is one of my heroes is her love for Doctor Who. She even painted the nails on her cat in TARDIS blue. What ridiculous awesomeness.

I’ve watched the first three episodes of this season and have my review forthcoming (though I forgot to take a picture of something, so my forgetfulness this morning is delaying that post and I do actually apologize for that), one fun thing about the new episodes is a title change reflecting the story of that particular episode. You can check out the title changes on this website that is collecting them. Someone told me about this and I honestly can’t remember who. Whoever you are thanks!

This cute geeky girl made a Doctor Who Guess Who game, and she tells you how to  make one for yourself. This is awesome, requires a really good printer and a lot of time. [via The Mary Sue]

Check out this TARDIS fully stocked liquor cabinet. Right now I would love a drink and my day has only started. I twisted my knee on Tuesday had to wear a brace on Wednesday, an ace bandage yesterday, and right now I’m sitting with it propped up. It is really frustrating my lack of mobility without a well working knee. Also I haven’t been able to exercise since Monday when I did yoga so I feel like a slob. Plus I just keep eating this pear bread I made. I even took it into work to get rid of it and then secretly ate the last of it at my desk. Is pear bread addiction a thing?

I love this TARDIS travel mug from Think Geek. Though I think the cup inside of a cub look is a little weird. [via]

BUT my most amazing find this week was this TARDIS De Lorean. OMG!!! I am not kidding, it is amazing. Click over. I just wish it was real and not a computer image. Le Sigh. [via]

Enjoy this Doctor Who and the Master phone call with plushies in anime style by potatobuns.

Doctor Who – Sound of Plushies by Potatobuns.deviantart.com


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