Webseries Review: Sweet Fever

Oliver Brackenbury, writer/co-producer, of the webseires Sweet Fever contacted me to watch the show and to see what I thought of it. I’m always happy to check out new webseries. I love the art form of webseries and enjoy seeing that more and more interesting, funny, and quirky things “air” because of its formatting. Sweet Fever is a story about “candy, comedy and professional pillow fighting”, plugging it squarely in the “quirky things” category even if the show isn’t so square itself.

Sam Has Something To Say
In the foreground, left to right, Sam (Tiffany Martin), Chet (George Gray) and Sweet Fever (Imogen Grace)
Photo used with permission

Sweet Fever owns a candy shop that is going under unless she can infuse the business with more money. Normally one heads on over to a loan officer (or shark) and tries to borrow some money, but Sweet Fever has borrowed all the money she can. She needs to find some other way to get her hands on some mulah. Luckily Sam, her best friend, arrives at the sweets shop with a solution, join the Pillow Fighting Federation for a grand prize worth thousands of dollars. Now a new problem presents itself as Sweet Fever hasn’t ever trained for violence with pillows and Crunchy Luke, the Commissioner of the Pillow Fight Federation, already has a full roster. He wont let Fever fight for the money unless she runs some errands for her first. Some truly bizarre requests follow.

First off candy shop and pillow fighting caught my eye. I’m not going to lie. What a great premise for a webseries! I was a tad worried the Pillow Fighting would be the main action of the series, but that wasn’t so and I thought the practice pillow fighting was cute and funny. Each episode, while building towards the grand PFF fight, had its own little quirky story revolving around Fever and Friends as she avoids committing to Chet, her “not-boyfriend boyfriend”, works in her shop, and spends the night in a haunted house. I thought the acting was decent and the different locations were a lot of fun to view. I had a hard time with the sound as the entire series is overlaid with some really awesome music but it tends to fluctuate in volume even to the point that the music garbled the words that were being said by the cast. Which was a shame as I may have missed some of the witty banter from the crew, and the witty banter was something that really caught my attention. A lot of webseries struggle with good banter, not Sweet Fever. Fever is a quite the quirky character with a huge practical streak and the conversations she had with friends were fun to watch.

The show goes a little on the crazy side which was a lot of fun. In fact, I wish that they had gone the next step of crazy and hit the punch line a little more consistently. Perhaps I’m influenced by my improv class where I had some of the craziest conversations, but I really enjoy when people take things to the next level of madness. My favorite episode was definitely the haunted house with the crazy landlord and the Scooby Doo outfits. I also liked that nobody said, “Ooh lets put on Scooby Doo outfits.” The writers expected the audience to be smart enough to catch that little homage and didn’t feel the need to exposition or point it out. There are a lot of homages throughout this series which I thought was fun, clever, and done really well. As Fever goes around asking for favors and impacting people’s daily lives with little thought for anyone other than herself,  I have a feeling all of her self centered actions are going to come home to roost. I imagine people will start calling in their favors and the girl she keeps accidentally slighting will step from her wallflower position to a more visible one.

With a good looking cast, decent acting, excellent writing, and well done filmography this quirky and funny webseries is worth checking out.


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