Warehouse Weekend: The Ones You Love

This posting will be short and sweet since I just spent most of my time on PicMonkey working at the above silly graphics. Also I have pear bread in the oven, had a brain MRI this afternoon, and Fringe to watch on DVR. Priorities people. Plus I want to get a book review written to night, however, as it is already 8:30 that may or may not happen. [Also, I’m not editing this, so if you want to have at my spelling and grammar errors, but I simply don’t care that much to re-read this.]

“The Ones You Love” brought about a lot of closure to the over all story arc this summer and ended on a gasping note if not all the surprising. Mostly because I accidentally saw real spoilers before I watched the show. Honestly, I don’t mind some spoilers and often seek them out, but I do have a line and people who are like, oh you do mind spoilers let me say the whole damn thing! Ugh. There are spoilers and then there are real spoilers. This was a real spoiler. I liked how the episode was set up with Claudia, Myka, and Pete rushing off to save a loved one when all the while the real danger lurked elsewhere. And I’m not at all unhappy that Pete spend most of the episode shirtless.

Artie is attacked by Monk Data who tells Artie that he has sent out packages to each of the teammates families because he wants to hurt them. Claudia has been tracking the false shipping center of Monk Data and sure enough he has sent out packages to Claudia’s brother, Myka’s sister, and Pete’s ex-wife (played by the gorgeous Jerri Ryan). Jinks is off with Mrs. F on a secret mission, but luckily (note my sarcasm here) none of his family is in danger even though we just met his mom and know he still has family left. So, wtf. The gang rushes off to save their family. Myka meets up with her preggers sister played by the lovely Amy Adams of Angel and Dollhouse fame (she was also on an episode of Supernatural, just fyi). Myka is a bit frustrated that there are a lot of new things in the house because of the constantly arriving baby stuff, and gets really annoyed when her sister tries to kill her by putting drain cleaner in her tea. Now, there is some sister rivalry.  It all comes down to some weird cord thing in the sister’s shower bouquet of ribbons and bows. Myka has to literally “cut the cord” to deactivate the artifact, which I found hokie and outside the continuity of the universe. Also, I really think Amy Adams three month “belly” should at least have been five or six months along, who gives a baby shower the freakin early? Mostly people don’t even tell family until they are three months along.

Pete’s ex-wife receives and empty leather box which leaves her hot, as in her skin is burning up. While giving her a reassuring hug Pete notices she has a tattoo on her shoulder, and he accidentally transfers it to his body when he places his hand on it. They can’t seem to get it off of him and he becomes radio active and so he goes into a bunker thing to explode but in his last tearful message to Myka she suggest transferring the tattoo back to the “skin” of the leather box. And he does, and whoops  no dead Pete. I mean yay. No dead Pete. And also, yay half undressed Eddie McClintock.

Claudia shows up at her brother’s secret lab for his super classified secret project with The Man to find him encased in amber and holding a scroll. My favorite line of Claudia’s right before she blast the amber on his hand references her hope that the internet is right about amber and that she doesn’t hurt him too much. Well, as always the collective of the internets is right (maybe Claudia found a Fringe chat group?) and she blast her brothers hand and deactivates the scroll. A short chat later and Claudia finds out that Artie is the one who set him up with the super secret job even though Artie acted surprised when Claudia mentioned where her brother was.

Jinks and Mrs. F go and visit the Vatican and they find a weird painting that Jinks gets sucked into. The frame was by Rembrandt and somehow this means it can suck people into the painting. After getting Jinks out the two of them get the rest of the Brotherhood of the Black Diamonds out of the painting explaining what is happening with the Warehouse and the Artifact of Doom. The last person to be drawn from the painting is Data Monk claiming no knowledge of his torture of Artie.

Leena finds Artie raving mad, the bad thing leashed on the world upon use of the Artifact of Doom was actual Artie’s psychosis. Maybe it was in thinking about Fringe earlier with the Amber but it is quite interesting how these top scifi shows have African American women as secondary characters with very little actual action. At least Astrid has a history and a background now that we’ve met her father, even if Walter refuses to say her name correctly. But poor Leena has no back story and the hit on my blog for Leena involves her boobs on that one episode with Fargo’s real life video game. It’s a shame really because Genelle Williams is a lovely woman and I’m sure Leena could have quite the interesting back story. Instead as she stands there pleading for her Artie to come back into himself and his Secret Window other-self which has believed to be Data Monk takes over his body and shoots Leena, she crumbles to the ground in a heart rending way that maybe would have left lingering feelings of nostalgia if I felt I knew Leena at all. But all I could think was that Johnny Depp already played this scene in Secret Window, and honestly he did a better job.

Artie is crazy, Leena is mostly dead (to coin a term from Princess Bride) and the crew is on the four ends of the earth unlikely to reach Leena in time to help her. But as Mark Sheppard said, Do we ever really die in scifi?



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