Doctor Who Delights

An illustration of River Song as a timehead. It really makes more sense if you just click on over.

My notes for this read: doctor who tattoo on a hot lady. I’m not going to lie, I was right the first time around.  This is one hot lady with some awesome Doctor Who tattoos. Check it out.

DeviantArtist key-o has some great nerdy and geeky art up on his page. Including steampunk werewolves and this Tennant illustration.

The Doctor by

And Stephanie sent me a link to this amazing Doctor Who Book Light Pen that will leaving you wanting a TARDIS floating above your reading material. I sent this out to twitter right away, because I couldn’t hold its wonderfulness back from the world.

Salt and pepper shakers in the form of a TARDIS and Dalek. What could be cooler than that I ask yah? Order them here. [via The Mary Sue]

PabutteGo, another DeviantArtist, has painted an amazing portrait of the 11th Doctor. Gorgeous.

Doctor Who Christmas special trailer:


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