Nodds & Nends: Firefly Reunion, Halloween Costumes, and Another Geek Girl Rant

Apparently there is a televised Firefly reunion happening. I’m not the biggest fan of reunions. But you all have at it.  [via io9]

Speaking of television shows and Whedon, he’s creating a show about SHIELD and it will have Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. I think my heart just skipped a beat. I’m a little over Whedon always killing off people, so I’m wary about the show, but Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, that does get me a little excited. Not gonna lie.

Halloween costumes are just around the corner. I have and idea to make a fairy queen with an old wedding dress at a hipster store (really I don’t know what else to call Ragstock, it’s like a thrift store and a cheaper Urban Outfiters all in one), a glue gun, ribbons and jewels, and some butterfly wings. I’ve also butted my way onto a date for trick-or-treating with my rent-a-kid’s family. Her mother called me a dork, but  you know, that’s fair. I’m not the only one with costumes on the brain, check out these costumes for Star Wars droids via The Mary Sue and io9’s Halloween costume show week article.

Even mailboxes like to dress up on occasion.

By Jasenlee (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Stephanie at Read in a Single Sitting pointed me over to another article about “Fake” Geek Girls by Adrienne Kress and how one woman has had to deal with people treating her like a poser wanting to get attention when all she has wanted to do was share in the wonder that is being around and interacting with other geeks. I like how she points out that having other interests as well as geeky ones is a balance she actually strives for, and I wish more people who count themselves as geeks would do so too. Maybe if people got out from behind their controllers and exercised, practiced meditation, or hung out with people in real life they would have a bigger perspective on the world and not feel the need to hate on other people. And after reading the article all I can say is, ‘And this is why I don’t go to cons.’


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