Disney’s Redheads, TARDIS Under the Sea, and Sleeping Beauty Cosplay

Disney Princesses! Woot! I haven’t done a Disney Princesses posting in a while, sorry about that. So, to make up for that lack of postings, I have some awesome finds to share with you all.

For example this Doctor Who and The Little Mermaid mash-up of the TARDIS Under the Sea by Karen Hallion is just too cute for words. I adore it! I like the Cinderella illustration as well. Rose and Amy anyone? 😀

Speaking of Disney Redheads, this wonderful print of Ariel and Merida by Daekazu on DeviantArt is just awesome.

And finally, this amazing cosplay and photoshop manipulation of Sleeping Beauty with her changing blue to pink dress. What a great idea and wonderful cosplay by Aida Otaku.

Sleeping Beauty – Always waiting by AidaOtaku.deviantart.com

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