Gumby’s Fairy Godmother

When I was growing up my parents believed Halloween was the devil’s holiday and we were not allowed to go trick-or-treating. I remember sitting in our darkened living room as we ignored people who came up to our door and rang the doorbell. When we got older we went to churches that had Harvest Parties where we got to dress up, bob for apples, and get candy bags. I’m really good at bobbing for apples, FYI. The trick is taking a deep breath, pushing the apple to the bottom, and grabbing it with your teeth. Then last year when my rent-a-kid was two years old her parents took her trick or treating and I tagged along. Even though it was raining and we went to two houses I had a blast and this year I invited myself to go along again. Mostly because I had an awesome costume in mind and I needed some place to wear it.



My rent-a-kid is awesome and having recently watched Gumby she decided to go as the titular character. It was amazing. Although afraid of some of the blinking light up eyes in neighbor’s yards, she had a grand time trick-or-treating and so did I. This year we went to eight places and I got a piece of candy myself. It was fantastic. I like that the neighborhood stores, such as the dog care place, cafe, and even the currency exchange, handed out candy. We met Hello Kitty, several comic book superheroes, and a cow complete with udders (this is really a repetitive statement since cows have udders and steers/bulls do not, but people never seem to remember that the male bovine is called something different).

I’m most proud of my mask which I painted, glued, and feathered myself. I was also super excited to have an excuse to buy a hot glue gun and use it! I need more glue gun projects, I love those things. The design for the mask was inspired by my re-purposed bridesmaids dress and the butterfly wings I got at a local shop, lacy black tights, a leotard, and grey boots completed my ensemble, plus with the added layers I could walk around without my coat on for the few minutes we were outside trick-or-treating. Being Gumby’s fairy godmother rocked. 🙂 (Sorry my photos aren’t the best, I’ve a crappy camera phone.)


13 thoughts on “Gumby’s Fairy Godmother

  1. Are you kidding Jami that last pic is crazy good milady fairy….I am glad your finally trick or treating…I think it was one of the best experiences you can have as kid..What you say reminds me of the movie Water Boy where everything Adam Sandler character’s encountered in life according to his mom is “the Devil”. You should get a slew of rent a kids next year…:)

  2. That looks like an awesome costume 🙂 I spent over an hour and a half out with my six year old son and my halfway-ex wife. We walked around our old neighbourhood and my son had a blast. I even watched ET again, just for the Halloween scene LOL

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