Doctor Who News For You

Couldn’t start back up blogging without having some Doctor Who news this week, now could I? Of course not. If you’ve missed it, the Christmas special this year will actually be part of the story line for this season, so be sure to not miss it. In an interview, Matt Smith gave away some little tid-bits that don’t say much, except it looks like Oswin will be making her first official appearance as companion in the Christmas special. [via The Last Song I Heard] You can read some further discussions of the Christmas special here, there may be some spoilers.

In the mean time, you can start your Holiday shopping by getting the Whovian in your life some cool Doctor Who oven mitts. Honestly, these are cool, but they don’t go with my kitchen decor, so I think I’ll leave them for other people. They are really awesome though. 🙂 [via The Mary Sue] And to go with those oven mitts, why not deck your kitchen out in this awesome TARDIS fridge? Coolness.

Spring is just around the corner, OK, so maybe it’s down a hallway and then around a corner, but it will soon be wedding time and if you haven’t decided on which geeky theme you want, perhaps something like this Doctor Who themed wedding, complete with a TARDIS and smiling faces. Other geeky themed weddings at the link.