Nodds & Nends: Fantasy Houses, Zombie Love Stories, and Nathan Fillion

Sometimes when I need a pick me up I go onto Pinterest and look at pretty places I will never see. Like this fantasy house. Puurrrty. This tree door is amazing, the door itself is so intricate let alone to have been so integrated to scenery around it, I’m in awe. Or how about this tree train tunnel, it is gorgeous! And this cabin in the woods is way less scary than Joss Wedon’s and has huge lovely windows.

The Mary Sue has a trailer on it for an upcoming movie, Warm Bodies a story about a zombie who falls in love and starts to heal himself. Honestly, when I write that out it sounds really hokey, but it actually looks like a good movie. Plus it has a decent cast of actors, including Nicholas Holt, I love that kid. Well, except for his sociopathic teenager character in Skins (UK), he’s just creepy there. Warm Bodies should be opening February 1, 2013.

Here is an awesome four paneled illustration of Nathan Fillion as his movie/geeky idols.

These smiling Disney Princesses are ones I have dubbed, barely clothed Disney Princesses. Enjoy.

By Ewen Roberts (Flickr: Smiling Princesses) via Wikimedia Commons at

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