The Doctor and a Dress

Here is a wonderful illustration of The Doctor (Tennant) on top of his enemies, literally. It’s a little spoilery, but not really because it’s Tennant.  [via]

Found yet another interpretation of the TARDIS in dress form. I really like the poofyness of the skirt portion, it looks fun. Plus I love the one shoulder covered look. It’s a cute, yet sexy dress. Speaking of TARDIS dresses, I was working out the other day and flipping through a magazine when I came across Jennifer Lopez wearing a sapphire blue dress, is it just me or could this be a TARDIS dress? With some body paint across her chest that read Police Public Call Box, I think it could be. But I see TARDISes everywhere. So, it could just be me.

The Christmas Special is just around the corner, and The Doctor is looking broody. I’m excited!! 😀

A photoshopped cyberman looks like Iron Man. Someone needs to cosplay this!

Polls close today to vote on your favorite Doctor Who t-shirts that will be sold by the BBC America shop. So, go get your vote on.

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