Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Doctor Who Christmas Special airs today, and it looks delish. I love when Matt Smith goes into Brooding Doctor its so incredibly different from his effervescent Doctor. Thanks to FM I found this wonderful video Strax giving his Sontaran version of some popular Christmas songs. I love the last one. You can also head to BBC America and watch a sneak peak if you want, I don’t feel it spoils anything, but if you don’t want to know anything then don’t go, it kind of lays out the general feeling of the Christmas episode.

You can watch the trailer here (again, I’m assuming). Did anyone else catch the snowflake with teeth? I just caught that. Shudder.

Take a personality quiz to see if you could be a Doctor Who companion. It’s more of a “have you watched Doctor Who so you can cheat on this test” kind of quiz. But it’s fun. Thanks to my cousin Breanna who I saw had taken it. LOL Ah internets.

A replica of River Song’s sonic screw driver is on preorder and only $3500. If you can get your hands on one of the fifteen that will be made. Yah. Ok. You all have fun with that.

Here’s a snowman in the shape of a Dalek. If I had snow, enough of it, and the desire to do some Doctor Who with it, I would still not create a Dalek. But it is cool nonetheless.

And here is a wonderful illustration of the new companion DeviantArt. Well, it’s the actor as Oswin, but still, it’s beautiful. You can buy it as a t-shirt or greeting card. I can only imagine why you’d want such a stricken face on a greeting card. Announcing the death of a beloved pet perhaps? I could have used many of those a long time ago.

A clip of how using the memory worm may or may not be a useful tool. It’s quite funny, clever, and spoils nothing.

A teaser with Jenny and Vastra


12 thoughts on “Doctor Who Christmas Special

  1. I don’t know when you get to see it today, but it’s just finished over here in the UK and I quite liked it! I didn’t like last year’s too much as it was too straight forward. It definietly needs a second watch. Have fun.

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