Nodds & Nends: Nerdy Pick Up Lines, Hangout With The Bloggess, and Book Sculptures

io9 has all of your very best nerdy pick up lines from famous sci/fi fiction. But honestly don’t use these. They are just for fun. I personally think the best pick up line is, Hello. I had a whole long conversation with a guy I used to work with who wanted to go and talk to a customer, but he wanted a good first sentence. I told him to just say Hello and keep it simple. But that wasn’t good enough. When did a polite opening of Hello become not good enough? For me, when guys try to come up with something cool it’s always just a bit weird. Some guy tried to get me to come take a boxing lesson from him. . . . Um. Yah, no.

 Jim C.  Hiines strikes a pose, like the women on ubran fantasy covers. It sure is striking, and he points out the ridiculousness of the pose. The one disagreement I had with his little project is that he says the whole hip thing is wrong, well yes, because he doesn’t have any. Still he makes quite a few good points. This posing posting led me around the internets for a bit and I stumbled on this article on why superheroes are sexy, and it is not for their ability to dislocate their torsos from their head while fighting crime.

A funny new humor blog I stumbled across, Like The Vodka, will have you laughing. This blogger talks about her Russian husband, how she met him and the funny miscommunications that happen. She met him taking dancing lessons FYI. He told her she was susceptible, he meant sensitive. It is a love story full of humor.

I love this illustration. It is called Chasing the Moon, but it’s more like catching it.

And for all you book nerds, these book sculptures will warm your little hearts. They did mine.

Want to watch The Bloggess, Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, and Patrick Ruthfuss do a Story Board hangout and talk about writing and blogging? Of course you do.  I  listened to the entire thing while I was working on another project, best background chatter ever.  (FYI if  you listen to this at work, use headphones.)

7 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Nerdy Pick Up Lines, Hangout With The Bloggess, and Book Sculptures

  1. I was never one for chat up lines… the best – and probably worst – I could come up with was “if I promised not to tread on your toes,would you dance with me?” in a club.

    Sometimes I feel like Tom Hanks in Sleepless In Seattle LOL

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